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Author: Preveziotou, Cornelia

Spouse/other names:Tavaniotou, Cornelia
Year of birth:1878
Year of death:1964
About her personal situation:Standardizingjuly12av Origin: • Location where born : Constantinople • Location where died : Athens National identity : • Nationality : Greek • Mother tongue : Greek Marital status : married (to Emmanuel Tavaniotis) Number of children : 3 Social class : middle class Religion/ideology : - orthodox Education: - learned foreign languages: French

Languages:Greek - French
Relations to other authors: Acquaintance of Parren, Kalliroi

Sister of Preveziotou, Aglaia

About her professional situation:Standardizingjuly12av Publishing: - Under her own name - Under her husband’s name Profession(s) and activities: - Editor of a periodical/periodical press - Poetess - fictional Writer - Τravel writer - Cultural and educational patron - Translator from French - Feminist - Political writer Languages in which she published : - Greek Collaboration/connections with male authors : - editor/writer, Emmanouel Tavaniotis (husband) Memberships : - several editorial boards [specify please]
Elements of bibliography:MENTIONED IN: - Anna Frangoudaki et al. (eds.), Ways to modernity in Greece and Turkey: encounters with Europe, 1850-1950. London, Tauris, 2007
Websites: NEWW contribution Belgrade 2011 K. Dalakoura

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Works written by this author

E 1 I gynaikeia philareskeia (Female Vanity) in Bosporis (1901)
E 2 I gyni didaskalos (The woman teacher) in Bosporis (1899)
E 3 "Ai andreiai gynaikes" (The bravery women) in Bosporis (1899)
E 4 "Poems published in Bosporis in (1900)" (1900)
E 5 "Poems published in Bosporis in (1902-1905)" (1902)
E 6 "Poems published in Bosporis in 1901" (1901)
E 7 *Contribution to "Bosporis" (1901)
E 8 *Preveziotou, Cornelia, the author (1901)
E 9 Ai gynaikes ypo gynaikos (Women by a woman) in Bosporis (1899)
E 10 Ai klassikai spoudai kai ai gynaikes, Imeis kai ekeinai …(The classical studies and women, We and those...) in Bosporis (1900)
E 11 Ai theoriai tou ylismou kai i Bosporis (Theories of materialism and Bosporis) in Bosporis (1899)
E 12 Ai xenai paidagogoi (Foreign women educators) in Bosporis (1902)
E 13 Anir ton noun kai gyni tin kardian (Man in mind and woman in heart) in Bosporis (1899)
E 14 Apantisis eis to "Katargithito o Eros" (Reply to the "Abolition of love") in Bosporis (1903)
E 15 Ara, diigima prototypon (Curse, original short story) in Bosporis (1905)
E 16 Bosporis (1899)
E 17 Cheimerina rigi (Winter Chills) in Bosporis (1903)
E 18 Diagramma "Vosporidos" in Bosporis (1899)
E 19 Dilosis - To triton etos tis Bosporidos (Statement - The third year of Bosporis) in Bosporis (1901)
E 20 Eggitato tou theiou. Entiposeis ekdromis eis Floria (Very near the divine. Impressions from tour in Floria) in Bosporis (1902)
E 21 Eis galanin chrysalida (In blue chrysalis) in Bosporis (1903)
E 22 Eis tous gamous tis Vasilopaidos Marias (The wedding of Mary, King' s daughter) in Bosporis (1900)
E 23 Ekpaideytikai gnomai epistimonon (Scientists Educational Opinion) in Bosporis (1899)
E 24 Entyposeis ek ton eorton. Ai gynaikes en ti Ekklisia (Impressions from the holidays. The women in the Church) in Bosporis (1905)
E 25 Entyposeis ek ton eorton. I aisthitiki tis endymasias (Impressions from the holidays ...) in Bosporis (1905)
E 26 Epi ti eytichi diasosei tis A.A.M. tou Anaktos (For the thankfull rescue of A.A.M.the King) in Bosporis (1905)
E 27 Epi tou orous ton elaion (In the mount of olives) in Bosporis (1902)
E 28 Evaggelos Amaxopoulos (Evaggelos Amaxopoulos) in Bosporis (1902)
E 29 Exete 'geia (Good by) in Philologiki Echo (1893)
E 30 Georgia Sandi (George Sand) in Bosporis (1904)
E 31 Gynaikes kai melissai (Women and bees) in Bosporis (1900)
E 32 I Amaryllis (Amaryllis) in Bosporis (1905)
E 33 I D' Epetiris tis "Bosporidos" (The Fourth Anniversary of "Bosporis") in Bosporis (1902)
E 34 I Elissavet tis Roumanias pros tin Elissavet tis Aystrias (Elizabeth of Romania to Elizabeth of Austria) in Bosporis (1901)
E 35 I Iphigeneia en Aylidi tou Jean Moreas (theatriki parastasi sto Parisi) [Iphigenia at Aulis, of Jean Moreas ...] in Bosporis (1903)
E 36 I KST' epeteios tis A.A.M. tou Soultanou Abdul Hamit Han (The 26th anniversary of A.A.M. Sultan Abdul Hamid Han) (1901)
E 37 I Protochronia tis Voskopoulas (The New Year of the Shepherdess) in Bosporis (1903)
E 38 I aisthitiki tou endymatos (The aesthetic of clothing) in Bosporis (1905)
E 39 I aytokrateira Phreiderikou (The empress of Freiderikos) in Bosporis (1901)
E 40 I dimosiographia palai kai nyn (Journalism in the past and now) in Bosporis (1903)
E 41 I dynamis tis gynaikos (The force of woman) in Bosporis (1901)
E 42 I en to Peran Philoptochos Adelphotis ton Kyrion (The Benevolent fraternity of Ladies in Peran) in Bosporis (1904)
E 43 I etisios stadiodromia tis "Bosporidos" (The annual career of "Bosporis") in Bosporis (1900)
E 44 I gerontokori (The spinster) in Bosporis (1902)
E 45 I gynaikeia polyteleia en to nao (The female luxury in church) in Bosporis (1900)
E 46 I gyni dikigoros (The woman lawyer) in Bosporis (1899)
E 47 I gyni en ti philanthropia (The benevolent woman) in Bosporis (1899)
E 48 I gyni en ti philologia (The woman in literature) in Bosporis (1899)
E 49 I gyni kai to eglima (The woman and the crime) in Bosporis (1903)
E 50 I gyni nosokomos (The woman nurse) in Bosporis (1899)
E 51 I gyni para tois arxaiois lyrikois (The woman in ancient lyric) in Bosporis (1900)
E 52 I ithiki physiognomia tou Malliarismou (The ethic profile of Malliarismos) in Bosporis (1902)
E 53 I kat' oikon meleti (The home study) in Bosporis (1905)
E 54 I koinoniki ypotyposis tis didaskalou (Social survey of woman teacher) in Bosporis (1899)
E 55 I kori tis nyktos (Daughter of the night) in Bosporis (1903)
E 56 I kyratsa (The gossip woman) in Bosporis (1903)
E 57 I laiki imon paideysis A' (Our popular education A') in Bosporis (1900)
E 58 I mousiki en ti anatrophi ton neanidon (The music in the upbringing of girls) in Bosporis (1901)
E 59 I nymfi ton Christougennon (The Christmas Bride) in Bosporis (1904)
E 60 I prosagogi ton paidon eis ton naon (The children's presentation in church) in Bosporis (1900)
E 61 I psichi ton dyo fylon (The soul of gender) in Bosporis (1900)
E 62 I scholi tou mellontos (The school of future) in Bosporis (1901)
E 63 I thespesia pnoi (The divine wind) in Bosporis (1903)
E 64 I thileia laiki paideysis B' (Women's popular education B') in Bosporis (1900)
E 65 I voulgata tis glossis mas (The Bible of our language) in Bosporis (1899)
E 66 Ia kai narkissoi (Flowers and narcissus) in Bosporis (1903)
E 67 Idrysomen didaskaleion ton thileon (We will establish female teaching) in Bosporis (1899)
E 68 Ilektrikon phos (Electric light) in Bosporis (1902)
E 69 Ioakeim o G' (Joachim the third) in Bosporis (1901)
E 70 Ipsili Pyli, Ypourgeion ton Esoterikon - Patriarchiki eynoia pros tin Bosporida (Porte, Ministry of Interior - Patriarchal favoritism toward Vosporis) in Bosporis (1902)
E 71 Klaiein meta klaionton I chairein meta xaironton (To cry with those who cry or rejoice with those who rejoice) in Bosporis (1904)
E 72 Lina, Meros Proton (mythistoria Charles Vincent) [Lina, First Part (fiction Charles Vincent] in Bosporis (1906)
E 73 Mia ekdromi (An excursion) in Bosporis (1904)
E 74 Monomachiai (Duels) in Bosporis (1904)
E 75 Nikolaos Mavrokordatos (Nikolaos Mavrokordatos) in Bosporis (1903)
E 76 Nikolaos Photiadis (Nikolaos Fotiadis) in Bosporis (1902)
E 77 O alkoulismos kai ai gynaikes (Alcoholism and women) in Bosporis (1901)
E 78 O eikostos aion (The Twentieth Century) in Bosporis (1899)
E 79 O gynaikeios xaraktir en ti elliniki mythologia. Dialexis en to en Makrochorio syllogo "Apostolos Paylos" (The female character in Greek mythology. Lecture at the Makrochorio's club "Apostle Saul") in Bosporis (1902)
E 80 O ithikos stathmos (The moral station) in Bosporis (1901)
E 81 O yios tis chiras (Epi to neo etei) [Window's sun (For the new year)] in Bosporis (1902)
E 82 Oi martyres tis melanis (Witnesses of ink) in Bosporis (1901)
E 83 Oikiakon tmima en ti Bosporidi (Home Section in Bosporis) in Bosporis (1903)
E 84 Oikokyriki I Ypyretiki (Housekeeping or Service?) in Bosporis (1905)
E 85 Onar kai storgi (Dream and affection) in Neologou Evdomadiaia Epitheorisis (1893)
E 86 Palaia i nea gyni (Old or new woman) in Bosporis (1901)
E 87 Papyroi, Syllogi Poiimaton (1904)
E 88 Patriki kardia (Paternal heart) in Parnassos (1895)
E 89 Pavlos Stefanovik Skylitzis (Paul Stefanovik Skylitzis) in Bosporis (1901)
E 90 Phthinoporon (Autumn) in Bosporis (1904)
E 91 Pikra Alitheia (Bitter truth) in Bosporis (1902)
E 92 Poems published in Himerologion toy Aigaiou (Aegean Almanac) in 1905 (1905)
E 93 Pros leykin peristeran (To a white dove) in Parnassos (1894)
E 94 Pros tas neanidas (For girls) in Bosporis (1905)
E 95 Protai Ptiseis (First Flight) (1895)
E 96 Scholeia kai exetaseis (Schools and examinations) in Bosporis (1901)
E 97 Sophokleous Antigoni (Antigone of Sophocles) in Bosporis (1901)
E 98 Ta neotera ekpaideytika metra (The newest educational set up) in Bosporis (1899)
E 99 Teychos Panygyrikon - Odi eis tin A.A.M. tou Soultanou Abdul Hamit Han (Celebratory issue - Ode to A.A.M. Soultan Abdul Hamit Han) in Bosporis (1899)
E 100 Thiellis pnoai (Breaths from storms) in Bosporis (1902)
E 101 To doron tou neou etous (The gift of New Year) in Bosporis (1904)
E 102 To en Athinais ekpaideytikon synedrion (The Educational Conference in Athens) in Bosporis (1903)
E 103 To en Londino synedrion ton gynaikon (The Woman's congress in London) in Bosporis (1899)
E 104 To en Parisiois gynaikeion synedrion (The Woman's congress in Paris) in Bosporis (1900)
E 105 To evaggelon anthos (The evangelical flower) in Bosporis (1904)
E 106 To mega problima (The big problem) in Bosporis (1899)
E 107 To phrikton anosiourgima (Horrible atrocity) in Bosporis (1901)
E 108 To rodon tou martyriou (The rose of martyrdom) in Bosporis (1903)
E 109 Vlepe chrimaton erasta ! (See money) in Bosporis (1900)
E 110 Vracheia epanodos (Gia ti mitriki anatrophi os ideodi, apo ton Marcel Prevaust) [Short return (for the mother upbringing as ideal by Marcel Prevaust)] in Bosporis (1905)
E 111 contribution to Bosporis (1899)

Authors read by this author

Xreception 1 Evaggelidou, Virginia   -   Anoiktι epistolι. Kyria Dieythyntria tis "Bosporidos" (An open letter to the editor of "Bosporis")
Xreception 2 Ghica, Elena   -   Des femmes par une femme
Xreception 3 Lambert, Anne-Thérèse de   -   Avis d'une Mère à sa Fille
Xreception 4 Samartzidou, Efrosini   -   To mychion algos (The intimate pain) in Journal Efterpi
Xreception 5 Sand, George   -   *George Sand, the author
Xreception 6 Sapho   -   *Sapho, the author