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Author: Němcová, Božena

Pseudonyms:Ludmila z Hradku, Stepan Danieli
Spouse/other names:Nemtsova, Bozhena | Panklova, Barbora
Year of birth:1820
Year of death:1862
About her personal situation:1837 ARRANGER_MARIAGE Božena Němcová, whose maiden name was Barbora Panklová, was born in 1820 in Vienna. She was of a Czech German origin. She spent her childhood in the Bohemian countryside near the estate in which her father worked. She was married formally at seventeen to an Austrian customs official - clerk Josef Němec, fifteen years her senior and quickly bore him four children. Her husband’s work carried her to the border regions of Bohemia and Slovakia. Because of his Czech nationalism he suffered dismissals and also his wife Božena Němcová was for some years followed by Austrian police. For some time she lived without her husband in Prague, than he returned jobless and in the last years the family was poor and Němcová with her writing was the only supporter of the family. At the end Němcová, mentally and emotionally exhausted, finally decided to leave her husband. It was too late and she died in 1862.

Countries:Russia - Germany - Czech Republic
Relations to other authors:
Acquaintance of Rettigová, Magdalena Dobromila
Friend of Stojadinovic, Milica
Friend of Fabkovičová, Marie
Friend of Světlá, Karolina
Acquaintance of Zapová, Honorata z Wiśniowskich

About her professional situation:living by her pen with 4 children. The most productive time of Božena Němcová were the fifties (19. Century), when the conditions in Czech culture were very restricted. The Austrian government tried to carry out an inner reorganisation and restoration of the multinational Austrian empire. That was also the time of neoabsolutism in the Habsburg monarchy, post-revolutionary period, when the slightest expressions of non-loyalty towards the regime were immediately suppressed and the state repressive machinery persecuted undesirables. Also Božena Němcová was controlled by the police.
Elements of bibliography:MENTIONED IN: - Golitsyn, Slovar', 1892 - Lettres européennes (Dutch version 1994) II, 781 - Offen, European feminisms, 2000, 118 - De Haan a.o., A Biographical Dictionary of Women's Movements and Feminisms. Central, Eastern and South Eastern Europe, 19th and 20th Centuries. CEU press, 2006. Lexikon ceske literatury 3/I M- O, Praha 2000, pp.475-484. Cf. - Rudinsky: first major Czech woman prose writer (123) - Walle, Marianne - Roth, Susanne - Iggers, Wilma - Slovník českých spisovatelů, Nakladatelství libri, Praha 2005, 472-473 - Slovník českých spisovatelů, Praha 1964, 34. - Lucienne Mazenod, Ghislaine Schoeller: Dictionnaire des femmes célèbres. Paris 1992, pp. 635 - 636. Bibliography: Lehar, Jan, Stich, Alexandr, Janačková, Jaroslava, Holy, Jiří: Česka literatura od počátku do dneska, Praha 1998, pp. 214-242 Božena Němcová. K 140 výročí umrtí. (n. 34) (ed. E. Wolfová and others). Památnik národního pisemnictví 2002. Šmahelová, Hana: Autor a subjekt v dile Boženy Němcové. Prague: Karolinum 1995. Božena Němcová, život - dílo - doba. Česká skalice: Muzeum Boženy Němcové 2005. Janačková, Jaroslava: Příbechy - situace - obrazy, Prague 2007. Božena Němcová a její Babička (ed. Karel Piorecky), Prague: Ústav pro českou literaturu AV ČR 2006. Influence of George Sand to Nemcova`s work: Krejčí, Karel: Božena Němcová a světová literatura. In: Božena Němcová - paní našeho času, Prague: Panorama1986. Haskovec, Prokop Miloslav: Byla George Sand v Čechach? Brno 1925. Kopal, Josef: George Sandova a Božena Němcova, Prague 1937. Haman Aleš: Božena Němcová v evropskem kontextu. In: Božena Němcová, život - dílo - doba. Česká skalice: Muzeum Boženy Němcové 2005. Influence of Jane Austen to Nemcova`s work: Bryner, Cyril, Božena Němcova and Jane Austin, VI. Congress of slavists in Prague in 1968, Canadian papers. About her correspondence: Janačkova, Jaroslava: Řeč dopisů, řeč v dopisech Boženy Němcové, Prague 2001. Rimalová Saicová, Lucie: Komunikačni strategie v dopisech Boženy Němcové, Prague: Karolinum 2005.
Websites: Babicka in Nederland
Muzeum Bozena Nemcova
NEWW contribution Chawton 2011 A. Jensterle-Dolezal
NEWW contribution Madrid 2010 A. Hermida de Blàs (Spanish)

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Works written by this author

E 1 *Božena Němcová, the author ()
E 2 Babicka (Grandmother) (1855)
E 3 Baruska (1853)
E 4 Diva Bara (The wild Bara) (1856)
E 5 Narodni bahorky a povesty 1-7 (Contes de fées et légendes populaires) (1845)
E 6 Národní báchorky a pověsti (1845)
E 7 Obrazy z zivota domazlickeho (Pictures from the life in Domazlice) (1845)
E 8 Pohorska vesnice (Mountain village) (1856)
E 9 Slovenske pohadky a povesty 1-10 (Slovakian fairy tales and folk stories) (1857)
E 10 V zamku a v pozamci (In the castle and under the castle) (1857)
E 11 Z dopisu Boženy Nemcové (1898)
E 12 Старобългарски простонародни наименования на звездите и ветровете./ Folklore names for stars and winds in Old bulgarian language. (1872)

Authors read by this author

Xreception 1 Sand, George   -   *George Sand, the author
Xreception 2 Sand, George   -   La petite Fadette