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Work by: Němcová, Božena

TitleBabicka (Grandmother)
Year of first publication:1855
Editions: 1, 1855
Language used:Czech
Narrative topoi:
Presence in public libraries:
Relevant weblinks:On-line fragments

Receptions of this work

AuthorTitleGenderReception typeCountryYear
1 Bogoljubova *Babuska. Kartiny selskoj ziyni. (Grandmother) F Translation Russia 1956
2 Demetz, Hana *Die Grossmutter. Eine Erzahlung aus dem alten Böhmen. (Grandmother) F Translation Switzerland 1959
3 Gabrielescu, Alice *Bunicuta (Grandmother) F Translation Romania 1955
4 Gregor, Francis *The Grandmother F Translation United States 1891
5 Konstantinova, Olga *Babicka (Grandmother) F Translation Bulgaria 1946
6 Koppova, Jos. Boz. *Grand Mere (Grandmother) F Translation Czech Republic 1880
7 Lalina, Maria Andrejevna *Babuska (Grandmother) F Translation Russia 1900
8 Marikova, Ljubica Babica (Grandmother) F Translation Croatia 1863
9 Pargeter, Edith Grandmother F Translation Czech Republic 1962
10 Petrovskaja, E.G. *Babuska (Grandmother) F Translation Czech Republic 1871
11 Salles, Ruth *A avo. Romance (Grandmother) F Translation Brasil 1958
12 Vansová, Terézia [title in Slovak] F Translation Slovakia 1928
13 ~~author male (name below) Božena Nemcova in Matija Majar M Article in the press Slovenia 1898
14 ~~author male (name below) France Cegnar: Babica M Translation Slovenia 1862
15 ~~author male (name below) Aage Meyer Benedicston: Bedstemoder (Grandmother) M Translation Denmark 1894
16 ~~author male (name below) E.Thiérot: Grand-mère (Grandmother) M Translation France 1900
17 ~~reader(s) (gender unknown) *Imenik knjig ljudske knjižnice “Narodne čitalnice” v Škofji Loki (Catalogue of the public library "Narodna čitalnica" in Škofja Loka) U Library catalogue (public) Slovenia 1908
18 ~~reader(s) (gender unknown) *Presence in Knjižnica Splošnega ženskega društva (Library of General Women's Society) U Library catalogue (public) Slovenia 1905
19 ~~reader(s) (gender unknown) *Presence in the Library catalogue of Javna ljudska knjižnica gospodarskega in izobraževalnega društva za dvorski okraj v Ljubljani U Library catalogue (public) Slovenia 1916
20 ~~translator male (name below) A.V.Florovskij: * Babuska (Grandmother) M Translation Czech Republic 1946
21 ~~translator male (name below) Ljudevit Jonke: *Bakica (Grandmother) M Translation Croatia 1946
22 ~~translator male (name below) Branimir Pekaric: *Bakica (Grandmother) M Translation Croatia 1917
23 ~~translator male (name below) Pawel Hulka-Laskowski, Il. A. Kaspar: *Babunia (Grandmother) M Translation Poland 1927
24 ~~translator male (name below) Antal Clementis: *A nagyanyo (Grandmother) M Translation Hungary 1951
25 ~~translator male (name below) Antal Zolyomi: *A nagyanyo (Grandmother) M Translation Hungary 1952
26 ~~translator male (name below) Joze Glonar: *Babica (Grandmother) M Translation Slovenia 1944
27 ~~translator male (name below) Kamill Eben: *Grossmutterchen (Grandmother) M Translation Czech Republic 1924
28 ~~translator male (name below) Gunther Jarosch: Die Grossmutter (Grandmother) M Translation Germany 1956
29 ~~translator male (name below) Kurisu Kei: *O - Basan, Nemucova saku (Grandmother) M Translation Japan 1956
30 ~~translator male (name below) *Waj cu mu (Grandmother) M Translation China 1957
31 ~~translator male (name below) La nonna - costumi villerecci di Boemia (Babicka) (Grandmother); L. F. Cogliati M Translation Italy 1909
32 ~~translator male (name below) Smital, Anton: *Grossmutter (Grandmother) M Translation Germany 1885
33 ~~translator male (name below) M. Islomov:*Adiba mechri (Grandmother) M Translation Uzbekistan 1960
34 ~~translator male (name below) Joan Urban Jarnik: *Bunica (Grandmother) M Translation Romania 1885
35 ~~translator male (name below) Filip Rezak: Nasa Wowka (Grandmother) M Translation Germany 1883
36 ~~translator male (name below) K.Prochazka: *Avineto (Grandmother) M Translation Czech Republic 1909
37 ~~translator male (name below) Rodolfo Slaby: *L`Avia (Grandmother) M Translation Spain 1924
38 ~~translator male (name below) Rodolfo Slaby: *La abuela. Cuadros de costumbres campesinas de Bohemia (Grandmother) M Translation Spain 1925
39 ~~translator male (name below) Ettore Lo Gatto: La nonna (Grandmother) M Translation Italy 1951
40 ~~translator male (name below) Jakub Sztejnike, *Babunia (Granmother) M Translation published in periodical press Poland 1862
41 ~~translator male (name below) Karoly Kocsis: * Nagyano (Grandmother) M Translation Slovakia 1931
42 ~~translator male (name below) Jan Oheral: *Grossmutterchen. Bilder aus dem Volksleben (Grandmother) M Translation published in periodical press Czech Republic 1860
43 ~~translator male (name below) Jozef Felix: *Babicka (Grandmother) M Translation Slovakia 1953
44 ~~translator male (name below) Jan Domasta: *Babicka (Grandmother) M Translation Slovakia 1948
45 ~~translator male (name below) Jozef Boz Koppova, Grand-mère... M Translation Bohemia 1880
46 ~~translator male (name below) Babunia: obrazy z życia uczciwej niewiasty (Polish title) M Translation Poland 1905
47 ~~translator male (name below) Memnon Petrovic Petrovskij M To be specified Russia 1866
48 ~~translator male (name below) Anton Smital, Grossmutter. Bilder aus dem Böhmischen Landleben M Translation Germany 1885
49 ~~translator male (name below) *France Cegnar: Babica M Translation Slovenia 1862
50 ~~translator male (name below) The Grandmother. A story of country in Bohemia M Translation United States 1891
51 ~~translator male (name below) Urban Iarník, Bunica M Translation Romania 1885