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Work by: Leprince de Beaumont, Jeanne Marie

TitleContes moraux (Leprince de Beaumont)
Year of first publication:1774
Editions: 2, Maastricht, 1774
3, Leipzig, 1774
4, Lyon, Bruys et Ponthus, 1776
Oxford, ViF (Barbara Kaltz ed.), 2000
Genres:short story/ies
Language used:French
Presence in public libraries:
Relevant weblinks:Réseaux d'Ecrivaines

Receptions of this work

AuthorTitleGenderReception typeCountryYear
1 Briquet, Marguerite Ursule Fortunée, née Bernier Article dans le Dictionnaire historique [..] F (Literary) history France 1804
2 ~Cleve (owner of library) *Presence in Cleve Catalogue U Library catalogue (public) Sweden 1787
3 ~Gulik, J. van (propr. lect.Amsterdam) Cabinet de lecture, J. v. Gulik U Library catalogue (public) Netherlands 1798
4 ~~journalist (name unknown) *Art. in Vaderlandsche Letteroefeningen M Article in the press Netherlands 1777
5 ~~owner of commercial library (name below) Cabinet de lecture, Beets M Library catalogue (public) Netherlands 1797
6 ~~owner of commercial library (name below) Cabinet de lecture, Riemsdyk & Bronkhorst M Library catalogue (public) Netherlands 1792
7 ~~owner of commercial library (name below) Cabinet de lecture, Bakhuyzen M Library catalogue (public) Netherlands 1785
8 ~~owner of commercial library (name below) Cabinet de lecture, Bakhuyzen M Library catalogue (public) Netherlands 1791
9 ~~owner of commercial library (name below) Cabinet de lecture: Bakhuyzen M Library catalogue (public) Netherlands 1800
10 ~~reader(s) (gender unknown) Catalogue de vente, Anonyme U Private collection Netherlands 1782
11 ~~reader(s) (gender unknown) *Presence in Leopold Paternolli's catalogues U Library catalogue (public) Slovenia 1833
12 ~~reader(s) (gender unknown) Presence in Janez Giontini's catalogue (Leihbibliothek des Joh. N. Giontini... in Laibach... Haupt- Katalog ) U Library catalogue (public) Slovenia 1846
13 ~~reader(s) male (name below) Catalogue de vente, Van der Haar M Private collection Netherlands 1795
14 ~~reader(s) male (name below) Catalogue de vente, Muilman M Private collection Netherlands 1798
15 ~~reader(s) male (name below) Catalogue de vente, Gosse M Private collection Netherlands 1791
16 ~~reader(s) male (name below) Catalogue de vente, Martens M Private collection Netherlands 1793
17 ~~reader(s) male (name below) *Private Library Inventory M Private collection Spain 1786
18 ~~reader(s) male (name below) Catalogue de vente, Horst M Private collection Netherlands 1777
19 ~~translator (name unknown) publ. in Lady's U Women's press: translation England 1776
20 ~~translator (name unknown) The fatal indifference; or, The interesting history of Mrs. Matilda Markham. U Translation England 1800
21 ~~translator (name unknown) Novelle Morali U Translation Italy 1772
22 ~~translator (name unknown) Magazijn van zedelijke vertelsels U Translation Netherlands 1780
23 ~~translator (name unknown) CONTR U Translation United States 1812
24 ~~translator (name unknown) Moral tales. Translated from the French of Mde. Le Prince de Beaumont U Translation England 1775
25 ~~translator (name unknown) Magazijn van Zedelijke Vertelzels U Translation Netherlands 1777
26 ~~translator (name unknown) Moralische Erzählungen U Translation Austria 1775
27 ~~translator (name unknown) *Title in German U Translation Germany 1785
28 ~~translator (name unknown) publ. in Lady's U Women's press: translation England 1777
29 ~~translator (name unknown) Nuevos cuentos morales escritos por Madama Beaumont y treducida por J.F.Q. U Translation Spain 1797
30 ~~translator male (name below) CONTR M Translation Austria 1840