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Author: Woolf, Virginia

Spouse/other names:
Year of birth:1882
Year of death:1941
About her personal situation:standardizingsvdoct13: Origin • Place of birth : London • Place of death : Sussex National identity • Nationality : English • Mother tongue : English Marital status : married Number of children : 0 Social class : not yet checked Education: not yet checked Religion/ideology : not yet checked

Relations to other authors: Friend of Thackeray, Anne

Acquaintance of Smyth, Ethel, Dame
Acquaintance of Dickinson, Violet

About her professional situation:standardizingsvdoct13: Authorial attribution: - Not yet checked Profession(s) and activities: - fiction writer - literary critic Languages in which she published : - English Collaboration/connections with male authors : - Leonard Woolf (writer) Financial aspects : - not yet checked Memberships: - Not yet checked
Elements of bibliography:MENTIONED IN: - Lettres européennes (Dutch version 1994) II, 700, 727, 893 - Vaessens, Geschiedenis van de moderne Nederlandse literatuur, 2013, p.213, 323 Cf. - Anne E. Fernald, "A feminist public Sphere? Virginia Wollf's revisions of the Eighteenth Century", in: Feminist Studies 31:1 (spring 2005), p. 158-182: "Woolf taught feminists to seek and take interest in women writers of the past."
Websites: Biography

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Works written by this author

E 1 *Virginia Woolf, the author ()
E 2 A Room of One's Own (1929)
E 3 Kew Gardens (1919)
E 4 Mrs Dalloway (1925)
E 5 Night and day (1919)
E 6 Orlando (1928)
E 7 The Feminine Note in Fiction (1905)
E 8 The Mark on the Wall (1917)
E 9 The Voyage Out (1915)
E 10 Two Women (1927)
E 11 Women Novelists (1918)

Authors read by this author

Xreception 1 Cholmondeley, Mary   -   *Mary Cholmondeley, the author
Xreception 2 Duff Gordon, Lina   -   The Story of Perugia
Xreception 3 McCracken, Elizabeth   -   The Women of America
Xreception 4 Austen, Jane   -   Emma (Austen)
Xreception 5 Austen, Jane   -   *Jane Austen, the author
Xreception 6 Austen, Jane   -   *Jane Austen, the author
Xreception 7 Austen, Jane   -   *Jane Austen, the author
Xreception 8 Austen, Jane   -   *Jane Austen, the author
Xreception 9 Barclay, Florence Louisa   -   *Florence Barclay, the author
Xreception 10 Barlow, Jane   -   By Beach and Bog-land
Xreception 11 Bayly, Ada Ellen   -   *Lyall, Edna, the author
Xreception 12 Behn, Aphra   -   *Aphra Behn, the author
Xreception 13 Behn, Aphra   -   *Aphra Behn, the author
Xreception 14 Bowen, Marjorie   -   The Glen o' Weeping
Xreception 15 Brontë, Charlotte   -   Villette
Xreception 16 Brontë, Charlotte   -   Shirley
Xreception 17 Brontë, Charlotte   -   *Charlotte Brontë, the author
Xreception 18 Brontë, Charlotte   -   *Charlotte Brontë, the author
Xreception 19 Brontë, Charlotte   -   Jane Eyre
Xreception 20 Broughton, Rhoda   -   *Broughton, Rhoda, the author
Xreception 21 Broughton, Rhoda   -   Not wisely but too well
Xreception 22 Burney, Fanny   -   *Fanny Burney, the author
Xreception 23 Burton, Lady, Isabel   -   The Romance of Isabel Lady Burton The Story of Her Life
Xreception 24 Bury, Lady Charlotte Susan Maria Campbell   -   The Diary of a Lady in Waiting
Xreception 25 Carlyle, Jane Welsh   -   Letters and Memorials of Jane Welsh Carlyle
Xreception 26 Carlyle, Jane Welsh   -   *Jane Welsh Carlyle, the author
Xreception 27 Cavendish, Margaret, Duchess of Newcastle   -   *Margaret Cavendish, the author
Xreception 28 Coleridge, Mary Elizabeth   -   Gathered Leaves
Xreception 29 Coleridge, Mary Elizabeth   -   *Mary Coleridge, the author
Xreception 30 Coleridge, Mary Elizabeth   -   Poems
Xreception 31 Craik, Dinah Maria Mulock   -   John Halifax, gentleman
Xreception 32 Cust, Nina   -   Gentlemen Errant : being the journeys and adventures of four noblemen in Europe during the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries
Xreception 33 Dickinson, Violet   -   These Thoughts were Written by Anthony Hart
Xreception 34 Dickinson, Violet   -   *Violet Dickinson, the author
Xreception 35 Eden, Emily   -   *Emily Eden, the author
Xreception 36 Eliot, George   -   Adam Bede
Xreception 37 Eliot, George   -   The lifted veil
Xreception 38 Eliot, George   -   *George Eliot, the author
Xreception 39 Eliot, George   -   *George Eliot, the author
Xreception 40 Eliot, George   -   Felix Holt, The Radical
Xreception 41 Eliot, George   -   Silas Marner
Xreception 42 Eliot, George   -   *George Eliot, the author
Xreception 43 Eliot, George   -   *George Eliot, the author
Xreception 44 Eliot, George   -   *George Eliot, the author
Xreception 45 Gaskell, Elizabeth   -   Wives and Daughters
Xreception 46 Gaskell, Elizabeth   -   *Elizabeth Gaskell, the author
Xreception 47 Gaskell, Elizabeth   -   North and South
Xreception 48 Green, Stopford, Alice   -   Town Life in the Fifteenth Century
Xreception 49 Grey, Lady Jane   -   Grey, Lady Jane
Xreception 50 Harrison Jane   -   *Jane Harrison, the author
Xreception 51 Haywood, Eliza   -   *Eliza Haywood, the author
Xreception 52 Haywood, Eliza   -   *Eliza Haywood, the author
Xreception 53 MacCartney Lane, Elinor   -   Nancy Stair: a novel
Xreception 54 Mackay, Mary   -   *Marie Corelli, the author
Xreception 55 Marsh, Catherine   -   English Hearts and English Hands; or, The Railway and the Trenches
Xreception 56 Martineau, Harriet   -   *Harriet Martineau, the author
Xreception 57 Mitford, Mary Russell   -   Recollections of a Literary Life
Xreception 58 Nightingale, Florence   -   *Florence Nightingale, the author
Xreception 59 Philips, Katherine   -   *Katherine Philips, the author
Xreception 60 Robins, Elizabeth   -   A Dark Lantern: a story with a prologue
Xreception 61 Sapho   -   *Sapho, the author
Xreception 62 Sapho   -   *Sapho, the author
Xreception 63 Sapho   -   *Sapho, the author
Xreception 64 Smith, Mary   -   *Mary Berenson, the author
Xreception 65 Smyth, Ethel, Dame   -   *Ethel Smyth, the author
Xreception 66 Smyth, Ethel, Dame   -   Impressions that Remained
Xreception 67 Stanley, Augusta, Lady   -   *Letters of Lady Augusta Stanley
Xreception 68 Stephen, Barbara   -   Emily Davies and Girton College
Xreception 69 Sterling Ada   -   A Belle of the Fifties Memoirs of Mrs Clay, of Alabama (now Mrs Clay Clopton) 1853-66
Xreception 70 Villiers, Theresa, Maria   -   Pot-pourri from a Surrey Garden
Xreception 71 Villiers, Theresa, Maria   -   *Earle, Villiers, Theresa, Maria, the author
Xreception 72 Yonge, Charlotte Mary   -   *Charlotte Mary Yonge, the author