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Author: Sekulić, Isidora

Spouse/other names:Stemnicki
Year of birth:1877
Year of death:1958
About her personal situation:standardizingnmfeb2014: Origin • Place of birth : Vojvodina, Austro-Hungarian Empire • Place(s) of residence: Budapest | Belgrade • Place of death : Belgrade, Serbia National identity • Nationality : Serbian • First language: Serbian Marital status - Married Number of children : None Social class : - Not yet checked Education: - University education Religion/ideology : - Eastern Orthodox

Relations to other authors:
Friend of Savić-Rebac, Anica

About her professional situation:standardizingnmfeb14: Authorial attribution: - Maiden name Profession(s) and activities: - Contributor to periodical press - Fiction writer - Philosopher - Teacher - Traveller - Travel writer - Translator from German - translator from English - Translator from Russian - Translator from Swedish - Translator from Norwegian Languages in which she wrote: - Serbian Collaboration/connections with male authors : - Not yet checked Financial aspects of this woman’s career: - Not yet checked Memberships : - Serbian Royal Academy of Science, - Serbian Academy of Science and Arts, - president of the Serbian PEN Center, - Vice-president of the Association of Writers of Yugoslovia, - President of the Association of Writers of Serbia, - Board member of the AFŽ (Yugoslavian anti-fascist women's front), - Co founder Teachers' Association for Secondary Vocational Schooling, - Board Secretary at the International Council of Women.
Elements of bibliography:MENTIONED IN: - Buck, Guide to Women's Literature 1992 - Jovan Skerlić, Istorija nove srpske knjizevnosti [History of New Serbian Literature], Beograd [Belgrade] 1914 (first edition). - Jovan Deretić, Istorija srpske knjizevnosti [History of Serbian Literature], Beograd [Belgrade] 1983 (first edition), 2002 (expanded edition). - Predrag Palavestra, Istorija moderne srpske knjizevnosti. Zlatno doba [History of Modern Serbian Literature. Golden age], Beograd [Belgrade] 1986 (first edition), 1995 (second edition). Cf. - Ivanka Udovicki, Esej Isidore Sekulić, Beograd 1977. -Drasko Redjep, Isidora, ona ona [Isidora, she she], Novi Sad 1977. - Slavko Leovac, Knjizevno delo Isidore Sekulić [Literary Work of Isidora Sekulić], Beograd [Belgrade]1986. -Vladislava Ribnikar, Knjizevni pogledi isidore Sekulic [Literary Views of Isidora Sekulic], Beograd [Belgrade] 1986. - Celia Hawkesworth, Voices in the Shadows. Women and Verbal Art in Serbia and Bosnia, CEU, Budapest 2000, p. 171-180 - Magdalena Koch, Podróze w czasie i przestrzeni. Proza Isidory Sekulić [The journeys in space and time. Prose of Isidora Sekulić], University of Wroclaw Publishing House, Wroclaw 2000. -Slobodanka Peković, Isidorini oslonci [Isidora's supports], Novi Sad 2009. - Magdaelna Koch, ...kiedy dojrzejemy jako kultura... Twórczosc pisarek serbskich na poczatku XX wieku (kanon-genre-gender) [...when we mature as a culture... Early 20th-century Serbian Women's Writings (canon-genre-gender), Wroclaw 2007. -Slavica Garonja Radovanac, Zena u srpskoj knjizevnosti [Woman in Serbian Literature], Novi Sad 2010, p. 82-139.
Websites: Wikipedia on her
Isidora Sekulić in "Knjiženstvo"
NEWW contribution Bucharest 2012 S. Nemet
NEWW contribution Chawton 2011 M. Koch
NEWW contribution Belgrade 2011 M. Koch
NEWW contribution Madrid 2010 I. Zivancevic-Sekerus

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Works written by this author

E 1 *Isidora Sekulić, the author ()
E 2 Analiticki trenuci i teme [Analycical Moments and Subjects] (1941)
E 3 Djakon Bogorodicine crkve [Deacon of Virgin's Church] (1919)
E 4 Ima li pravo Konstantin Bruner? / Is Constantin Brunner right? (1911)
E 5 Kronika palanackog groblja [Chronicle of provincial Graveyard] (1940)
E 6 Njegosu, knjiga duboke odanosti [To Njegos, the Book of Great Esteem] (1951)
E 7 Pisma iz Norveske [Letters from Norway] (1914)
E 8 Saputnici [Travel Companions] (1913)

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