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Author: Thicknesse, Ann

Spouse/other names:
Year of birth:1737
Year of death:1824
About her personal situation:- married to Philip Thickness, travel writer

Relations to other authors: Acquaintance of Riccoboni, Marie-Jeanne

About her professional situation:
Elements of bibliography:

Editors: Suzan van Dijk (update on 12 December 2009)
Suzan van Dijk (update on 06 July 2013)

Works written by this author

E 1 Sketches of the lives and writings of the ladies of France (1778)
E 2 The school for fashion (1800)

Authors read by this author

Xreception 1 Autray, Madame d'   -   *Madame d' Autray, the author
Xreception 2 Barbier, Marie-Anne   -   Oeuvres de Barbier
Xreception 3 Barbier, Marie-Anne   -   *Marie Anne Barbier, the author
Xreception 4 Bazincourt, Mademoiselle Thomas de   -   *Mademoiselle Thomas de Bazincourt, the author
Xreception 5 Beaumer, Madame de   -   *Madame de Beaumer, the author
Xreception 6 Belot, Octavie   -   *Octavie Belot, the author
Xreception 7 Benoist, Françoise-Albine   -   *Françoise-Albine Benoist, the author
Xreception 8 Bermann, Mademoiselle de   -   *Mademoiselle de Bermann, the author
Xreception 9 Besuchet, Elisabeth   -   *Mademoiselle Besuchet, the author
Xreception 10 Billy, Catherine   -   *Madame Villers de Billy, the author
Xreception 11 Boccage, Anne-Marie du &&&   -   *Marie-Anne du Boccage, the author
Xreception 12 Bodin de Boismortier, Suzanne   -   *Suzanne Bodin de Boismortier, the author
Xreception 13 Bontems, Marie-Jeanne de Châtillon   -   *Marie-Jeanne de Châtillon Bontems, the author
Xreception 14 Bourette, Charlotte Rouyer   -   *Charlotte Rouyer Bourette, the author
Xreception 15 Briqueville, Anne Henriette de, Marquise de Colombière   -   *Madame de Colombière, the author
Xreception 16 Brohon, Jacqueline Aimée   -   *Jacqueline Aimée Brohon, the author
Xreception 17 Campion, Madame   -   *Madame Campion, the author
Xreception 18 Dalibar, Françoise-Thérèse Aumerle de St.Phalier   -   *Françoise-Thérèse Aumerle de St-Phalier Dalibar, the author
Xreception 19 Denis, Marie Louise   -   *Marie Louise Denis, the author
Xreception 20 Du Coudrai, Angélique Marie   -   *Madame Du Coudrai, the author
Xreception 21 Du Tort, Madame   -   *Madame Du Tort, the author
Xreception 22 Dumont, née Lutel, Madame   -   *Madame Dumont, née Lutel, the author
Xreception 23 Dupin de Chenonceaux, Madame   -   *Madame Dupin, the author
Xreception 24 Durand de Bédacier, Catherine   -   *Catherine Durand de Bédacier, the author
Xreception 25 Elie de Beaumont, Anne Louise   -   *Anne Louise Elie de Beaumont, the author
Xreception 26 Espinassy, Mademoiselle d'   -   *Mademoiselle d' Espinassy, the author
Xreception 27 Fagnan, Marie-Antoinette Marie, Dame   -   *Marie-Antoinette Marie Fagnan, the author
Xreception 28 Fauque, Marianne-Agnès Pillement de   -   *Marianne-Agnès Pillement de Fauque, the author
Xreception 29 Fontaines, Marie-Louise Charlotte   -   *Marie-Louise Charlotte Fontaines, the author
Xreception 30 Gomez, Madeleine-Angélique de   -   *Madeleine-Angélique de Gomez, the author
Xreception 31 Graffigny, Françoise de   -   *Françoise de Graffigny, the author
Xreception 32 Guibert, Elisabeth   -   *Elisabeth Guibert, the author
Xreception 33 Guichard, Eléonore   -   *Eléonore Guichard, the author
Xreception 34 Harlay, Louise Françoise de   -   *Louise Françoise de Harlay, the author
Xreception 35 Hubert, Marie   -   *Marie Hubert, the author
Xreception 36 Hus, Françoise Nicole   -   *Madame Hus, the author
Xreception 37 Kéralio, Louise-Félix Guynement de   -   *Louise-Félix Guynement de Kéralio, the author
Xreception 38 L'Héritier de Villandon, Marie-Jeanne   -   *Marie-Jeanne L'Héritier, the author
Xreception 39 La Bussière, Mademoiselle de   -   *Mademoiselle de La Bussière, the author
Xreception 40 La Garde Thomassin, Victoire de   -   *Mademoiselle de La Garde Thomassin, the author
Xreception 41 La Grange de Richebourg, Madame   -   *Madame La Grange de Richebourg, the author
Xreception 42 La Guesnerie, Charlotte Charbonnier de   -   *Charlotte Charbonnier de La Guesnerie, the author
Xreception 43 La Popelinière, Madame de   -   *Madame La Popelinière, the author
Xreception 44 Laboureys, Madame de   -   *Madame de Laboureys, the author
Xreception 45 Lagorse, Marguerite de Beavoir du Roure, Marquise de   -   *Madame de La Gorse, the author
Xreception 46 Le Marchand, Françoise Duché, Dame   -   *Françoise Duché, Dame Le Marchand, the author
Xreception 47 Leprince de Beaumont, Jeanne Marie   -   *Jeanne Marie Leprince de Beaumont, the author
Xreception 48 Levesque, Louise Cavelier   -   *Louise Cavelier Levesque, the author
Xreception 49 Lintot, Catherine Cailleau, comtesse de   -   *Madame de Lintot, the author
Xreception 50 Lubert, Marie-Madeleine de   -   *Marie-Madeleine de Lubert, the author
Xreception 51 Mazarelli, Claire   -   *Mademoiselle Mazarelli, the author
Xreception 52 Milly, Mademoiselle de   -   *Mademoiselle de Milly, the author
Xreception 53 Montégut, Jeanne Ségla, dame de   -   *Jeanne Ségla, dame de Montégut, the author
Xreception 54 Plisson, Marie-Prudence   -   *Mademoiselle Plisson, the author
Xreception 55 Potar Dulu, Mademoiselle   -   *Mademoiselle Potar Dulu, the author
Xreception 56 Prémontval, Marie-Anne-Victoire Pigeon d'Osangis,   -   *Marie-Anne-Victoire de Prémontval, the author
Xreception 57 Puisieux, Madeleine de   -   *Madeleine de Puisieux, the author
Xreception 58 Riccoboni, Marie-Jeanne   -   *Marie-Jeanne Riccoboni, the author
Xreception 59 Rochechouard-Mortemar, Marie Madeleine Gabrielle Adélaïde de   -   *Marie Madeleine Gabrielle Adélaïde de Rochechouard-Mortemar, the author
Xreception 60 Roumier, Marie-Anne   -   *Marie-Anne Roumier, the author
Xreception 61 Saint-Aubin, Madame de   -   *Madame de Saint-Aubin, the author
Xreception 62 Saint-Germain, Madame G.-D. de   -   *Madame G.-D. de Saint-Germain, the author
Xreception 63 Saint-Vast, Thérèse Willems de   -   *Madame de Saint-Vast, the author
Xreception 64 Simiane, Pauline Adhémar de Monteil de Grignan, Marquise de   -   *Marquise de Simiane, the author
Xreception 65 Staal-Delaunay, Marguerite-Jeanne de   -   *Marguerite-Jeanne de Staal-Delaunay, the author
Xreception 66 Ussé, Madame d'   -   *Madame d'Ussé, the author
Xreception 67 Villeneuve, Gabrielle Suzanne Barbot de   -   *Gabrielle Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve, the author