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Author: Manley, Delarivier

Spouse/other names:wrongly called: Mary de la Rivière
Year of birth:1667
Year of death:1724
About her personal situation:Year of birth not sure: might be any year between 1670 and 1675 - but not 1672, in Jersey, C.I. (F. Morgan Sept. 2005) Her father was a scholar-soldier, and her childhood was spent in army camps. He died when she was about 16, and she married her much older cousin, John Manley, an MP and lawyer, described by Swift as "a beast". He locked her up in his house in Westminster where she gave birth to a son, John, in 1691. Shortly afterwards DM discovered that her husband already had a wife, and she left him. She then lived with Lady Castlemaine for some time before turning to writing in 1695.

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About her professional situation:After the initial success of her plays Delarivier Manley took to journalism. She replaced Swift as editor of the Examiner, and wrote many books and pamphlets. Her exposition of John and Sarah Churchill led directly to their downfall. In 1709 she was briefly imprisoned for her writings. Her roman a clef novels were huge best-sellers. She died 11th July 1724
Elements of bibliography:MENTIONED IN: - Buck, Guide to women's literature, 1992: After she became a widow she married her cousin. - Lettres européennes (Dutch version 1994) II, 618. Cf. - Morgan, Fidelis, The Female Wits - Morgan, Fidelis, A Woman of No Character
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Editors: Marleen Dek (update on 12 December 2009)
Emma van den Eijnde (update on 22 May 2010)
Suzan van Dijk (update on 07 June 2010)

Works written by this author

E 1 *Comment Dr Hare's sermon (1711)
E 2 *Divers poèmes [Manley] (1720)
E 3 *Duke Malborough's vindication (1711)
E 4 *Honour prerogative queen's majesty vindicates . . (1713)
E 5 *Lucius first Christian king of Britain (1717)
E 6 *Modern enquiry reasons joy expressed certain set… (1714)
E 7 *The power of love, seven novels (1720)
E 8 *True narrative . . Marquis Guiscard (1711)
E 9 *secret memoirs, mannars of several persons of quality (1709)
E 10 A stage-coach journey to Exeter: describing the humours on the road with the characters and adventures of the company (1725)
E 11 Almyna, or the Arabian Vow (1707)
E 12 Examiner (1711)
E 13 Female Tatler (1709)
E 14 L'Atalantis de Mad. Manley. Contenant les intrigues politiques et amoureuses de la noblesse de cette ile (c'est à dire de l'Angleterre) (1713)
E 15 Memoirs Of Europe, Towards the Close of the Eighth Century. Written by Eginardus, Secretary and Favourite to Charlemagne; And done into English by the Translator Of The New Atalantis. (1710)
E 16 Secret memoirs of the new Atlantis (1709)
E 17 The Adventures Of Rivella; Or, The History Of the Author of the Atalantis (1714)
E 18 The Secret history of Queen Zarah and the Zarazians (1705)
E 19 The lost lover (1696)
E 20 The nine muses (1700)
E 21 The royal mischief (1696)

Authors read by this author

Xreception 1 Aulnoy, Marie-Cathérine d'   -   *Marie-Cathérine d' Aulnoy, the author