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Author Title Year Country Genre
1 Abrantès, Laure d' Etienne Saulnier 1842 France novel
2 Abrantès, Laure d' L'Amirante de Castille 1832 France novel
3 Abrantès, Laure d' La Vallée des Pyrénées 1842 France novel
4 Abrantès, Laure d' La Duchesse de Valombray 1838 France novel
5 Adelar, Mme E. La Lorgnette de l'Ermite 1861 France novel
6 Adelar, Mme E. A Toujours 1860 France novel
7 Adelar, Mme E. Un Domino 1860 France novel
8 Adlersfeld-Ballestrem, Eufemia von Halali 1902 Germany novel
9 Adlersfeld-Ballestrem, Eufemia von Die blonden Frauen von Ulmenried 1889 Germany novel
10 Adlersfeld-Ballestrem, Eufemia von Violet 1883 Germany novel
11 Agier-Prévost, Mlle Éléonore de Crécy 1823 France novel
12 Agoult, Marie d' Nélida 1846 France novel
13 Agrell, Alfhild Teresia På landsbygden 1890 Sweden novel
14 Aguilar, Grace The Vale of Cedars; or, the Martyr 1850 England novel
15 Aguilar, Grace Woman's Friendship, a story of domestic life 1850 England novel
16 Aguilar, Grace The Mother's Recompense; a sequel to Home Influe... 1851 England novel
17 Aguilar, Grace Home Influence; a tale for mothers and daughters 1847 England novel
18 Aguilar, Grace The Days of Bruce; a story from Scottisch history 1852 England novel
19 Ahlborn, Luise Gundel von Buchsweiler 1890 Germany novel
20 Ahlborn, Luise Sich selbst der Nächste 1888 Germany novel
21 Ahlborn, Luise Prinz Dino Adorno 1890 Germany novel
22 Ahlborn, Luise Schloß Favorite 1887 Germany novel
23 Ahlborn, Luise Ippolito de'Medici 1892 Germany novel
24 Ahlefeld, Charlotte von Marie Müller 1799 Germany novel
25 Ahlefeld, Charlotte von Erna 1819 Germany novel
26 Ahlefeld, Charlotte von Amadea : ein Roman 1827 Germany novel
27 Ahn-de Jongh, Louise Een boek van verbeelding: sproken en vertellingen 1893 Netherlands novel
28 Aigueperse, Mathilde La Fresnaie 1904 France novel
29 Aigueperse, Mathilde Kerdélec doit... Kerdélec veut ! [Kerdélec ne... 1905 France novel
30 Aigueperse, Mathilde Grande Soeur [The eldest sister] 1893 France novel
31 Alanic, Mathilde Et l'amour dispose [And love decides] 1912 France novel
32 Alanic, Mathilde Le Miracle des perles [The miracle of pearls] 1912 France novel
33 Alanic, Mathilde La Fille de la Sirène [The mermaid's daughter] 1909 France novel
34 Alanic, Mathilde A chacun sa chimère 1903 France novel
35 Alberdingk Thijm, Catharina De huistiran 1886 Netherlands novel
36 Alberdingk Thijm, Catharina Het geheim van den Czaar 1880 Netherlands novel
37 Alberdingk Thijm, Catharina Idealen 1888 Netherlands novel
38 Alberdingk Thijm, Catharina Vera 1889 Netherlands novel
39 Alberdingk Thijm, Catharina Een koninklijke misdaad, roman uit onze dagen be... 1887 Netherlands novel
40 Alberdingk Thijm, Catharina Verwoest leven 1905 Netherlands novel
41 Alberdingk Thijm, Catharina Een vorstelijke doornenkroon 1891 Netherlands novel
42 Alberdingk Thijm, Catharina In één dag verwelkt 1883 Netherlands novel
43 Alberdingk Thijm, Catharina Galathea 1885 Netherlands novel
44 Alberti, Sophie Else 1856 Germany novel
45 Albert, Marie-Madeleine Bonafons d' Les confidences d' une jolie femme 1775 France novel
46 Albert, Octavia Victoria Rogers The house of bondage; or Charlotte Brooks and ot... 1890 United States novel
47 Albuquerque, Mécia Mouzinho de A sonâmbula (The sleep walker) 1918 Portugal novel
48 Alcock, Deborah The Spanish brothers 1870 Ireland novel
49 Alcock, Deborah *In the Desert: A Story of the Church under the ... 1870 Ireland novel
50 Alcott, Louisa May Eight cousins, or the Aunt Hill 1875 United States novel
51 Alcott, Louisa May Jack and Jill: A Village Story 1880 United States novel
52 Alcott, Louisa May Jo's boys and how they turned out 1880 United States novel
53 Alcott, Louisa May Proverb stories 1868 United States novel
54 Alcott, Louisa May Moods 1866 United States novel
55 Alcott, Louisa May An Old-Fashioned Girl 1870 United States novel
56 Alcott, Louisa May Work. A Story of Experience 1873 United States novel
57 Alcott, Louisa May Little women; or, Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy 1868 United States novel
58 Alcott, Louisa May Little men 1871 United States novel
59 Alcott, Louisa May Rose in Bloom: A Sequel to "Eight Cousins" 1876 United States novel
60 Alcott, Louisa May Good wives 1871 United States novel
61 Alden, Isabella Macdonald Julia Ried: Listening and Led 1872 United States novel
62 Alden, Isabella Macdonald The King's Daughter 1873 United States novel
63 Alden, Isabella Macdonald Ester Ried: Asleep and Awake 1870 United States novel
64 Aliye, Fatma Udi (The Lute player) 1899 Ottoman Empire novel
65 Aliye, Fatma Enin (Groaning) 1912 Ottoman Empire novel
66 Aliye, Fatma Refet 1897 Ottoman Empire novel
67 Aliye, Fatma Muhazarat (Useful Information) 1892 Ottoman Empire novel
68 Aliye, Fatma Hayal ve Hakikat (Dream and Truth) 1891 Ottoman Empire novel
69 Allart, Hortense L'Indienne 1833 France novel
70 Allart, Hortense Settimia 1836 France novel
71 Allart, Hortense Les enchantements de Madame Prudence de Saman l'... 1872 France novel
72 Allart, Marie-Françoise Albertine de Saint-Albe 1818 France novel
73 *A.M.H. v. D. Hortense's illusie 1878 Netherlands novel
74 Ammers-Küller, Jo van Het huis der vreugden : roman van tooneel-leven 1922 Netherlands novel
75 Ammers-Küller, Jo van Vrouwenkruistocht 1930 Netherlands novel
76 Ammers-Küller, Jo van Een jonge leeuw van Vlaanderen : een verhaal uit... 1915 Netherlands novel
77 Ammers-Küller, Jo van De verzwegen strijd 1916 Netherlands novel
78 Ammers-Küller, Jo van De roman van een student 1914 Netherlands novel
79 Ammers-Küller, Jo van Maskerade 1919 Netherlands novel
80 Ampt, Anna Schaduwbeelden uit Suriname 1858 Netherlands novel
81 Ampt, Anna De bruid van Angrogna : romantische episode uit ... 1854 Netherlands novel
82 Ancelot, Marguerite Louise Virginie Georgine 1856 France novel
83 Ancelot, Marguerite Louise Virginie Emerance 1842 France novel
84 Ancelot, Marguerite Louise Virginie Gabrielle 1839 France novel
85 Anderson, Marie Agnes 1885 Netherlands novel
86 Anderson, Marie Clebitius' Nachtegaal 1882 Netherlands novel
87 Anderson, Marie Cyriacus de kloostergek 1882 Netherlands novel
88 Anderson, Marie Sabine 1882 Netherlands novel
89 Anderson, Marie Een roman naar het leven 1883 Netherlands novel
90 Anderson, Marie Hebron 1884 Netherlands novel
91 Anderson, Marie De ruiter met het rosse paard 1884 Netherlands novel
92 Andresen Butenschøn, Hanna *Strijdende zielen Norway novel
93 Andresen Butenschøn, Hanna *De gouden beker Norway novel
94 Andresen Butenschøn, Hanna Psyche 1906 Norway novel
95 Andriessen, Suzanna Maria Guido de vioolspeler 1885 Netherlands novel
96 Aníchkova, Anna Mitrofanovana L'ombre de la maison 1904 France novel
97 ~~anonymous Dutch De miskende vader, of Liefde en Ondankbaarheid ... 1848 Netherlands novel
98 ~~anonymous English The History of Miss Delia Stanhope 1767 England novel
99 ~~anonymous French La Comédienne, fille et femme de qualité 1756 France novel
100 ~~anonymous German Elisa, oder Das Weib wie es seyn sollte Germany novel
101 ~~anonymous German *De geschiedenis van Phillipine Mienda (The hist... 1780 Germany novel
102 ~~anonymous German *Wederwaardigheden van de jonge Emilia (Vicissit... 1790 Germany novel
103 Antheunis-Conscience, Mevrouw De Duivel uit het Slangenbosch, nagelaten dorpsv... 1889 novel
104 Arbouville, Sophie d' Le médecin du village. Une Histoire hollandaise 1847 France novel
105 Arbouville, Sophie d' Marie Madeleine; une vie heureuse; resignation 1843 France novel
106 Arnaud, Angélique Coralie l'inconstante 1843 France novel
107 Arnaud, Angélique La Comtesse de Servy 1838 France novel
108 Arnaud, Angélique Clémence 1841 France novel
109 Arnaud, Angélique Le Château de Saint-Germain 1836 France novel
110 Arnauld, Marie Angélique de St. Jean d'Andilly Discours de la R.M. Angélique de S. Jean, abess... 1735 France novel
111 Arndt, Henriette Wilhelmina *Elfriede 1845 Germany novel
112 Arndt, Henriette Wilhelmina Die Pflegetöchter 1821 Germany novel
113 Arndt, Henriette Wilhelmina Ehen werden im Himmel geschlossen 1840 Germany novel
114 Arndt, Henriette Wilhelmina Die Familie Jacobi 1840 Germany novel
115 Arndt, Henriette Wilhelmina Der Frau Tagebuch 1845 Germany novel
116 Arndt, Henriette Wilhelmina *De dochter van eene schrijfster (The daughter o... 1845 Germany novel
117 Arndt, Henriette Wilhelmina *Tante Anna (Aunt Anna) 1845 Germany novel
118 Arnim, Bettina von Die Günderode 1840 Germany novel
119 Arnim, Elizabeth von Elizabeth and her German garden 1898 Germany novel
120 Arnim, Elizabeth von A solitary summer 1899 Germany novel
121 Arundel, Ann Lady, it is Spring! 1938 England novel
122 Asensi, Julia de Novelas cortas 1889 Spain novel
123 Ashton, Winifred Regiment of woman 1920 England novel
124 Ashton, Winifred Legend 1919 England novel
125 Astl-Leonhard, Anna Das Recht der Lebenden 1895 Austria novel
126 Aston, Louise Aus dem Leben einer Frau 1847 Germany novel
127 Aston, Louise Revolution und Contrerevolution 1849 Germany novel
128 Atherton, Gertrude Mrs Balfame 1916 United States novel
129 Aubert, Elise Sofie Aars Dagny 1882 Norway novel
130 Aubert, Elise Sofie Aars Et Juleminde 1881 Norway novel
131 Aubert, Elise Sofie Aars Kirsten: En Fortælling 1880 Norway novel
132 Aubert, Elise Sofie Aars Stedbarnet. Fortælling 1889 Norway novel
133 Aubert, Elise Sofie Aars Forfængelighed: Fortælling 1890 Norway novel
134 Aubert, Elise Sofie Aars Fra Hovedstaden i Syttiaarene 1892 Norway novel
135 Aubin, Penelope The Noble Slaves; or the Lifes and Adventures of... 1722 England novel
136 Aubin, Penelope The Life and Adventures of Lady Lucy, the Daught... 1726 England novel
137 Aubin, Penelope The Life and Adventures of the Young Count Alber... 1728 England novel
138 Aubin, Penelope The Life of Charlotta Du Pont 1723 England novel
139 Aubin, Penelope The Life of Madam de Beaumont, a Franch Lady who... 1721 England novel
140 Aubin, Penelope The Strange Adventures of the Count de Vinevil a... 1721 England novel
141 Aubourg de La Bove, Anne d' Mémoires de la Marquise de Crémy 1766 France novel
142 Audouard, Olympe Les mystères de l’Égypte dévoilés 1880 France novel
143 Audouard, Olympe Le secret de la belle mère France novel
144 Audouard, Olympe L’Amour, le matérialisme, le spirtualiste, le... 1880 France novel
145 Augustin, Maria von Die graue Schwester 1846 novel
146 Aulnoy, Marie-Cathérine d' Nouvelles d'Elisabeth, reyne d'Angleterre 1674 France novel
147 Aulnoy, Marie-Cathérine d' Mémoires secrets de Mr. L.D.D.O. 1696 France novel
148 Aulnoy, Marie-Cathérine d' Mémoires des Aventures singulières de la Cour ... 1692 France novel
149 Aulnoy, Marie-Cathérine d' Mémoires de la Cour d'Angleterre 1695 France novel
150 Aulnoy, Marie-Cathérine d' Histoire de Jean de Bourbon, Prince de Charency 1692 France novel
151 Aulnoy, Marie-Cathérine d' Le Comte de Warwick 1703 France novel
152 Aulnoy, Marie-Cathérine d' Histoire d'Hypolite, Comte de Douglas 1690 France novel
153 Aurelie *Kdo jest bohat? : povídka pro ženskou mládež 1870 Germany novel
154 Aurelie *Nevlastní dcera : povídka pro odrostlejší d... 1870 Germany novel
155 Aurelie *Povídky a báchorky pro mládež 1870 Germany novel
156 Austen, Jane Emma (Austen) 1816 England novel
157 Austen, Jane Northanger Abbey 1817 England novel
158 Austen, Jane Lady Susan 1871 England novel
159 Austen, Jane Pride and Prejudice 1813 England novel
160 Austen, Jane Mansfield Park 1814 England novel
161 Austen, Jane Sense and Sensibility 1811 England novel
162 Austen, Jane Persuasion 1818 England novel
163 ~~author male (name below) Lamothe, L'hermite de la tombe mystérieuse 1816 unknown / not relevant novel
164 Aycard, Marie Madame de Linant 1850 France novel
165 Aycard, Marie Mademoiselle de Clairval 1844 France novel
166 Azul, Concha Felipe Derblay by Jorge Ohnet 1935 Spain novel
167 Baadsgaard, Anna Birgit Borg 1906 Denmark novel
168 Bacaloglu, Elena vol. I. În luptă (The Fight), vol. II: Două f... 1906 Romania novel
169 Bach, Ottilie Elfriede : ein Sittenroman aus der vollen Gegenw... 1878 Bohemia novel
170 Bailly, Emma Un mariage dans le monde 1876 France novel
171 Bajza, Lenke Ruth: Regény 1885 Hungary novel
172 Bakhoven-Michels, Maria Gerarda Vrouwenweelde en vrouwensmart 1901 Netherlands novel
173 Bakhoven-Michels, Maria Gerarda Karakterzonde en Levensleed 1904 Netherlands novel
174 Bakker Korff-Hoogeboom, Geertruida Johanna Haar adel 1890 Netherlands novel
175 Bakker Korff-Hoogeboom, Geertruida Johanna De jongste zuster 1882 Netherlands novel
176 Bakker Korff-Hoogeboom, Geertruida Johanna Augusta's roeping 1883 Netherlands novel
177 Bakker Korff-Hoogeboom, Geertruida Johanna Taco Vaalsma 1885 Netherlands novel
178 Barclay, Florence Louisa The Mistress of Shenstone 1910 England novel
179 Barclay, Florence Louisa The rosary 1909 England novel
180 Barclay, Florence Louisa *Miss Christobel 1910 England novel
181 Barclay, Florence Louisa The wheels of time 1911 England novel
182 Barclay, Florence Louisa Through the postern gate: a romance in seven days 1912 England novel
183 Barclay, Florence Louisa The Broken Halo 1913 England novel
184 Barclay, Florence Louisa The following of the star 1911 England novel
185 Barclay, Florence Louisa The white ladies of Worcester 1917 England novel
186 Barclay, Florence Louisa The Upas Tree 1912 England novel
187 Barclay, Florence Louisa Returned Empty 1920 England novel
188 Barclay, Florence Louisa The wall of partition 1914 England novel
189 Barker, Jane Love's intrigues, or the history of the amours o... 1713 England novel
190 Barker, Jane Exilus, or the banished Roman 1715 England novel
191 Barker, Jane A patch-work screen for the lady's 1723 England novel
192 Barker, Jane The lining for the patch-work screens 1726 England novel
193 Barthélemy Hadot, Marie Adélaide Pierre le Grand et les Strélitz, ou La forteres... 1820 France novel
194 Barthélemy Hadot, Marie Adélaide La tour du Louvre, ou le Héros de Bouvines 1816 France novel
195 Barthélemy Hadot, Marie Adélaide Les brigands anglais 1821 France novel
196 Bassanville, Anaïs de Les secrets d'une jeune fille 1863 France novel
197 Bastide, Jenny Dufourquet La Cour d'Assises 1832 France novel
198 Bastide, Jenny Dufourquet Elise et Marie 1838 France novel
199 Bastide, Jenny Dufourquet Marcelline 1843 novel
200 Bastide, Jenny Dufourquet Savinie 1835 France novel