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Author Title Year Country Genre
1 Agassiz, Elisabeth Cabot (née Cary) A Journey in Brazil 1867 United States travel writing
2 Albert-Montémont, Madame Voyages autour du monde 1854 France travel writing
3 Andersin, Margit Chichali: kuvia Intian Keskimaakunnista 1909 Finland travel writing
4 Andreas-Salomé, Lou Russland mit Rainer. 1900 1999 Germany travel writing
5 Artner, Maria Therese von Briefe über einen Theil von Croatien und Italien 1830 Germany travel writing
6 Asachi, Ermiona De Paris à Edimbourg, par Mme Edgar Quinet 1898 France travel writing
7 Audouard, Olympe A travers l'Amerique : North America 1870 France travel writing
8 Aulnoy, Marie-Cathérine d' La Relation du Voyage en Espagne 1691 France travel writing
9 Bacheracht, Therese von Eine Reise nach Wien 1848 Germany travel writing
10 Baillie, Marianne Mrs Lisbon in the years 1821, 1822 and 1823 1824 England travel writing
11 Barrenechea y Morante de la Madrid, María Rita de Descripción de un viaje por la Mancha (Descript... 1790 Spain travel writing
12 Belgioioso, Cristina Trivulzio di &&& La vita intima e la vita nomade in Oriente 1860 Italy travel writing
13 Belgioioso, Cristina Trivulzio di &&& Oriental harems and scenery 1862 United States travel writing
14 Belgioioso, Cristina Trivulzio di &&& Asie Mineure et Syrie : souvenirs de voyages 1858 Italy travel writing
15 Belzoni, Sarah Voyages en Égypte et en Nubie, contenant le ré... 1821 England travel writing
16 Belzoni, Sarah Narrative of the operations and recent discoveri... 1820 England travel writing
17 Bentzon, Thérèse Promenades en Russie 1903 France travel writing
18 Bentzon, Thérèse Les Americaines chez elles 1904 France travel writing
19 Bentzon, Thérèse The Condition of Woman in the United States: A T... 1895 France travel writing
20 Bentzon, Thérèse Femmes d’Amérique. 1900 France travel writing
21 Bentzon, Thérèse Choses et gens d'Amérique 1898 France travel writing
22 Bibescu, Marthe Les Huit Paradis 1908 France travel writing
23 Boccage, Anne-Marie du &&& Lettres sur l'Angleterre, la Hollande et l'Italie 1768 France travel writing
24 Boissier, Catherine Valérie Journal d'un voyage au Levant 1848 Switzerland travel writing
25 Bonaparte, Marie-Studolmine La Petite reine, impressions et souvenirs de Hol... 1899 France travel writing
26 Boncheva, Evgenija "Lunna Nosht.Razhodka iz Tzarigrad"/A Night Unde... 1909 Bulgaria travel writing
27 Bosquet, Amélie La Normandie romanesque et merveilleuse : tradit... 1845 France travel writing
28 Brassey, Anna Allnutt A Voyage in the "Sunbeam". Our home on the Ocean... 1878 England travel writing
29 Bulyovszky, Lilla Mein Reisetagebuch 1858 Hungary travel writing
30 Bushby, Anna S In Spain 1864 England travel writing
31 Casanova, Sofia Sobre el Volga helado. Narracion de viajes 1899 Spain travel writing
32 Colban, Adolphine Marie Souvenirs d'un voyage en Sibérie 1857 France travel writing
33 Colet, Louise Promenade en Hollande 1859 France travel writing
34 Colet, Louise Les Pays lumineux. Voyage en Orient 1879 France travel writing
35 Collett, Jacobine Camilla Sidste Blade: Erindringer og Bekjendelser af For... 1868 Norway travel writing
36 Corday, Aglaé de Dix mois en Suisse 1839 Switzerland travel writing
37 Craik, Dinah Maria Mulock Fair France : impressions of a traveller 1872 England travel writing
38 Craven, Elizabeth Berkely, Lady &&& A Journey through the Crimea to Constantinople i... 1789 England travel writing
39 Dimitrijević, Jelena Sedam mora i tri okeana. Putem oko sveta 1940 Serbia travel writing
40 Dimitrijević, Jelena Novi svet ili u Americi godinu dana / The New Wo... 1934 Serbia travel writing
41 Dugalić-Nedeljković, Desanka Zabeleške sa puta kroz Palestinu, Siriju i Egip... 1931 Serbia travel writing
42 Dumbrava, Bucura Pe drumurile Indiei [Travelling Across India] 1927 Romania travel writing
43 Dumbrava, Bucura Cartea muntilor [The book about the Mountains] 1920 Romania travel writing
44 Düringsfeld, Ida von Aus Dalmatien 1857 Germany travel writing
45 Eastlake Rigby, Elizabeth Letters from the shores of the Baltic: in two vo... 1842 England travel writing
46 Edwards, Amelia Ann Untrodden peaks and unfrequented valleys 1873 England travel writing
47 Felińska, Ewa Wspomnienia z podróży do Syberji, pobytu w Ber... 1852 Poland travel writing
48 Ferté-Meun, Anne Louise de la Lettres sur le Bosphore, ou Relation d'un voyag... 1821 France travel writing
49 Freudenthal, Edla Sagor och minnen från Rhen 1882 Finland travel writing
50 Gerard, Emily The Land beyond the Forest. Facts, Figures, and... 1888 England travel writing
51 Ghica, Elena La Suisse allemande et l’ascension du Moench 1856 Switzerland travel writing
52 Gordon, Winifred A Woman in the Balkans 1918 England travel writing
53 Gordon, Winifred Romania Yesterday and Today 1918 England travel writing
54 Grgurova, Milka O Ribarskoj banji (About Ribarska spa) 1906 Serbia travel writing
55 Guénot, Lucie Une femme chez les Sahariennes [Among the women ... 1900 France travel writing
56 Hahn-Hahn, Ida von Jenseits der Berge 1840 Germany travel writing
57 Hahn-Hahn, Ida von Erinnerungen aus und an Frankreich 1842 Germany travel writing
58 Hahn-Hahn, Ida von Ein Reiseversuch in den Norden 1843 Germany travel writing
59 Hahn-Hahn, Ida von Reisebriefe 1841 Germany travel writing
60 Hahn-Hahn, Ida von Orientalische Briefe 1844 Germany travel writing
61 Hériot, Adèle *Memorias de Rusia [Souvenirs from Russia] France travel writing
62 Hitchcock, Mary E. Two women in the Klondike: The Story of a Journe... 1899 United States travel writing
63 Humpalová-Zemanová, J. (Travel notes, published in Ženské Listy, The ... 1890 Bohemia travel writing
64 Jakob-Robinson, Therese Albertine Louise von Die Fälle des Ottawa. 1861 Germany travel writing
65 Jakob-Robinson, Therese Albertine Louise von Ein Ausflug nach dem Gebirge Virginiens im Somme... 1857 Germany travel writing
66 Jakob-Robinson, Therese Albertine Louise von Die weißen Berge von New-Hampshire. 1860 Germany travel writing
67 Jameson, Anna Brownwell Winter Studies and Summer Rambles in Canada 1837 Ireland travel writing
68 Jerichau Baumann, Elisabeth Brogede Rejsebilleder (Motley Images of Travel) 1880 Denmark travel writing
69 Käkikoski, Hilda Päivä Veronassa ja viikko Venetsiassa (*A day ... 1909 Finland travel writing
70 Kechagia, Kalliopi Ek ton Italia entyposeon mou (My impressions fro... 1890 Greece travel writing
71 Kéralio, Louise-Félix Guynement de Voyage en Hollande et dans le midi de l'Allemagn... 1809 France travel writing
72 Kéralio, Louise-Félix Guynement de Voyage en Suisse 1785 France travel writing
73 Kingsley, Mary Henriette Travels in West Africa 1897 England travel writing
74 Kouskouri, Polytimi Athinai-Sparti [Athens-Sparta] in Efterpi 1854 Greece travel writing
75 Lafayette, Marie-Madeleine de Mémoires de Hollande 1856 France travel writing
76 La Roche, Sophie von Tagebuch einer Reise durch Holland und England 1791 Germany travel writing
77 La Roche, Sophie von Journal einer Reise durch Frankreich 1787 Germany travel writing
78 La Roche, Sophie von Tagebuch einer Reise durch die Schweiz 1787 Germany travel writing
79 Lazarevic, Jelena Crna Gora (Montenegro) 1921 Serbia travel writing
80 Lee, Sarah Excursions in Madeira and Porto Santo 1825 England travel writing
81 Lewald, Fanny England und Schottland. Reisetagebuch 1851 Germany travel writing
82 Lewald, Fanny Ein winter in Rom 1869 Germany travel writing
83 Lewald, Fanny Reisebriefe aus Deutschland, Italien 1880 Germany travel writing
84 Lindberg, Gertrud Chichali: kuvia Intian Keskimaakunnista 1909 Finland travel writing
85 Loreau, Henriette Du natal au Zambèse 1851-1866: récits de chass... 1868 France travel writing
86 Loveling, Virginie Een winter in het Zuiderland 1890 Belgium/Southern Netherlands travel writing
87 Mac Carthy, J. Travels to Tripolis 1815 England travel writing
88 Malom, Lujza Utazasom 1845-ben/My travel in 1845 1845 Hungary travel writing
89 Marcu Holda, Ana Un sat românese de pe Târnave: Făget (A Roman... 1942 Romania travel writing
90 Medem, Charlotte Elisabeth Konstantia von *Voyage en Allemagne 1815 Germany travel writing
91 Moltesen, Eva Nykyajan Tanska 1910 Finland travel writing
92 Mundt, Klara &&& Reisebriefe aus Aegypten 1871 Germany travel writing
93 Murgoci, Agnes Rumania and the Rumanians 1918 England travel writing
94 Nădejde, Sofia Irimel, întâmplările unui tânăr român în ... 1905 Romania travel writing
95 Niendorf, Emma Aus London - Dissolving views 1855 Germany travel writing
96 Nizzoli, Amalia Memorie sull’Egitto. I costumi delle donne ori... 1841 Italy travel writing
97 Nováková, Teréza Z nejvýchodnějších Čech : řada cestopisný... 1898 Bohemia travel writing
98 Owenson, Sydney &&& *La France en 1829 et 1830 1830 Ireland travel writing
99 Owenson, Sydney &&& France 1817 Ireland travel writing
100 Pfeiffer, Ida Laura &&& Meine zweite Weltreise 1855 Austria travel writing
101 Pfeiffer, Ida Laura &&& Reise nach den skandinavischen Norden und der In... 1846 Austria travel writing
102 Pfeiffer, Ida Laura &&& Eine Frauenfahrt um die Welt [A woman's voyage a... 1850 Austria travel writing
103 Pichot, Amédée Voyage historique et littéraire en Angleterre e... 1825 France travel writing
104 Pilsztynowa, Regina Salomea Rusiecka Proceder podróży i życia mego awantur (My Lif... 1750 Poland travel writing
105 Preveziotou, Cornelia Eggitato tou theiou. Entiposeis ekdromis eis Flo... 1902 Ottoman Empire travel writing
106 Prince, Nancy A Narrative of the life and travels of Mrs. Nanc... 1831 United States travel writing
107 Pulszky, Terez White, red, black 1853 Austro-Hungarian Empire travel writing
108 Rautenstrauchowa, Łucja W Alpach i za Alpami (In and Beyond the Alps) 1847 Poland travel writing
109 Rautenstrauchowa, Łucja Wspomnienia moje o Francyji (My Memories of Fran... 1839 Poland travel writing
110 Rautenstrauchowa, Łucja Ostatnia podróż do Francyji (My Recent Trip to... 1941 Poland travel writing
111 Rautenstrauchowa, Łucja Miasta, góry i doliny (Towns, mountains and val... 1844 Poland travel writing
112 Řeháková, Anna Na Slovinsku : cestopisné obrázky z Kraňska a... 1891 Bohemia travel writing
113 Řeháková, Anna Povídky s cest (Stories from travelling) 1890 Bohemia travel writing
114 Sale, Florentia A Journal of the Disasters in Affghanistan 1841 England travel writing
115 Sand, George Nouvelles Lettres d'un voyageur 1877 France travel writing
116 Sand, George Ce que dit le ruisseau 1863 France travel writing
117 Sand, George A propos des Charmettes 1863 France travel writing
118 Sansom, Henrietta Consuela Notes sur Londres 1895 France travel writing
119 Sas, Florica Maria To the Heart of the Nile 1900 England travel writing
120 Schulze-Smidt, Bernhardine Constantinopel. Friedliche Reiseerinnerungen 1897 Germany travel writing
121 Sekulić, Isidora Pisma iz Norveske [Letters from Norway] 1914 Serbia travel writing
122 Serao, Matilde Nel paese di Gesù (Ricordi di un viaggio in Pal... 1899 Italy travel writing
123 Serao, Matilde Le lettere di una viaggiatrice 1908 Italy travel writing
124 Shelley, Mary Rambles in Germany and Italy in 1840, 1842, and ... 1844 England travel writing
125 Shelley, Mary History of a Six Weeks' Tour through a part of F... 1817 England travel writing
126 Stanhope, Hester Travells of Lady Hester Stanhope Forming the Com... 1846 England travel writing
127 Stucki-de Vooght, Maria &&& Reis naar en verblijf aan de Kaap en te Natal ge... 1849 Netherlands travel writing
128 Tristan, Flora Promenades dans Londres 1840 France travel writing
129 Tristan, Flora Pérégrinations d’une paria 1833 France travel writing
130 Trollope, Frances &&& Domestic Manners of the Americans 1831 England travel writing
131 Vaka, Demetra Haremlik: Some Pages from the Life of Turkish Wo... 1901 Turkey travel writing
132 Van Langendonck, Marie Une colonie au Brésil 1862 Belgium/Southern Netherlands travel writing
133 Vansová, Terézia *Travel book about Prague 1900 Slovakia travel writing
134 Voilquin, Suzanne Souvenirs d'une fille du peuple ou la Saint-Simo... 1866 France travel writing
135 Von Hobe, Marie Was der Aussenwelt verschlossen 1904 Germany travel writing
136 Walker, Mary Adelaide Untrodden Paths in Romania 1888 England travel writing
137 Weber, Mathilde Durch Griechenland nach Konstantinopel 1892 Germany travel writing
138 Wesselényi, Polixéna Olaszhoni es schweizi utazasok [means ??] 1842 Hungary travel writing
139 Wijnaendts Francken–Dyserink, Esther Welmoet Uit het zonneland : Afrikaansche reisbrieven 1912 Netherlands travel writing
140 Williams, Helena Maria &&& A tour in Switzerland; or, A view of the Present... 1798 England travel writing
141 Wit, Augusta de &&& Facts and fantasies about Java 1898 Netherlands travel writing
142 Wollstonecraft, Mary &&& Letters Written During a Short Residence in Swed... 1796 England travel writing
143 Wordsworth, Dorothy Mae Ann Excursion on the Banks of Ullswater and Excursio... 1825 England travel writing
144 Yelverton, Theresa *De reis eener dame om de wereld (A lady's journ... 1870 England travel writing