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Author Title Year Country Genre
1 Aarflot, Berte Kanutte Religiøse Breve til Opmuntring og Opbyggelse sa... 1853 Norway religious
2 Aarflot, Berte Kanutte Smuler til Næring for Livet i Gud. En Samling a... 1856 Norway religious
3 Aarflot, Berte Kanutte Troens Frugt. En Samling af religiøse Opmuntrin... 1844 Norway religious
4 Abarca de Bolea, Ana Francisca Vigilia y octavario de san Juan Bautista 1679 Spain religious
5 Agareva, Aleksandra Sergeevna Skazanie o chudesakh Bozhiei Materi, sovershivsh... 1864 Russia religious
6 Agoult, Marie d' Recueil de prières, de méditations et de lectu... 1866 France religious
7 Agoult, Marie d' *Livre de l´enfance: instruction religieuse de ... 1865 France religious
8 Agreda, Sor Maria de Mistica ciudad de Dios 1705 Spain religious
9 Agreda, Sor Maria de *Exercicios espirituales 1718 Spain religious
10 Aguilar, Grace *Opzien tot God 1850 England religious
11 Alacoque, Marguerite-Marie Petit catéchisme de Sainte Marguerite-Marie, su... 1904 France religious
12 Alacoque, Marguerite-Marie L'Excellence de la dévotion au coeur adorable d... 1733 France religious
13 Alfimova, Anna Efimovna Besedy Massilóna, episkopa Klermontaskogo [Serm... 1825 Russia religious
14 Allies, Mary Helen Agnes The Life of Pope Pius the seventh 1875 England religious
15 Allies, Mary Helen Agnes Three Catholic reformers of the fifteenth century 1878 England religious
16 Allies, Mary Helen Agnes History of the church in England : from the begi... 1892 England religious
17 Amboise, Catherine d' Les dévotes épitres de Catherine d'Amboise 1550 France religious
18 Andrews, Elisa *Schoonheden uit Sturm's Overdenkingen over de W... 1835 England religious
19 ~~anonymous Spanish La heroina del siglo XIII: vida de la Serafica V... 1894 Spain religious
20 ~~anonymous Spanish Santa Clara de Asis [St Clare of Asis] by Leopo... 1911 Spain religious
21 ~~anonymous Spanish Vida de Santa María Magdalena de Pazzis [Life o... 1905 Spain religious
22 ~~anonymous Spanish Los Cuarenta días consagrados a la gloria de la... 1850 Spain religious
23 Aragona (D') Sforza, Isabella *La verdadera quietud y tranquilidad del Alma: o... 1792 Italy religious
24 Arnauld, Mère Agnès L' Image de la religieuse parfaite et imparfaite 1665 France religious
25 Arnauld, Mère Agnès Le Chapelet secret du Saint Sacrament 1633 France religious
26 Askew, Anne The first examinations of Anne Askewe, lately ma... 1546 England religious
27 Askew, Anne The second examinations of Anne Askewe, lately m... 1547 England religious
28 Ava, Frau Das Leben Jesu 1100 Austria religious
29 Azevedo, D. Luísa de Apparecimento de Nossa Senhora da Lapa Imagem m... 1678 Portugal religious
30 Bandoninia *De vita Radegundis reginae lib. II 650 Germany religious
31 Baptista, Soror Antónia Fundação do Mosteiro de N. S. da Esperança de... 1657 Portugal religious
32 Barrau, Caroline de La Mission de la femme et son rôle dans l'éduc... 1865 France religious
33 Battiferra-Ammanati (degli), Laura Salmi penitenziali di diversi eccelenti autori c... 1568 Italy religious
34 Battiferra-Ammanati (degli), Laura I sette salmi penitenziali del santissimo profet... 1564 Italy religious
35 Bayle-Mouillard, Élisabeth-Félicie Consolations chrétiennes dédiées aux Dames pi... 1825 France religious
36 Bernhoft, Elen Andersdatter Opdal Jesus, styr du mine tanker 170 Norway religious
37 Besant, Annie The Coming Generation and the Coming Christ. A l... 1911 England religious
38 Besant, Annie Esoteric Christianity; or, the Lesser Mysteries 1901 England religious
39 Beun, Johanna Verhandeling over het getal des beestes 1783 Netherlands religious
40 Bigot, Stéphanie Marie, scènes et tableaux de sa vie divine 1858 France religious
41 Bigot, Stéphanie Nouveaux Drames sacrés : La Nativité, la Purif... 1859 France religious
42 Blackwell, Anna The probable effect of spiritualism upon the soc... 1876 United States religious
43 Bocard de Sainte Thérèse Manuel de pratiques de dévotion aux saints patr... 1874 France religious
44 Böhl de Faber, Caecilia Colección de artículos religiosos y morales [A... 1862 Spain religious
45 Bonvoust, Charlotta Amelia Offerhande des lofs 1767 Netherlands religious
46 Borbón, Isabel de, Infanta de España (Spanish princess) *Méditations chrétiennes pour une retraite spi... 1763 France religious
47 Bourdon, Mathilde La Vie réelle. 1857 France religious
48 Bourdon, Mathilde L'Imitation de l'Enfant-Jésus: dédiée aux pet... 1874 France religious
49 Bourdon, Mathilde Agathe, ou la première communion 1869 France religious
50 Bourdon, Mathilde La Charité en action. 1859 France religious
51 Bourgeois de Mercey, Elisabeth Geneviève * La femme chrétienne [The Christian Woman] 1833 France religious
52 Bourignon, Antoinette *Leven en verdediging van de Theologie (Life and... 1680 France religious
53 Brackley, Elizabeth Lady Meditations on the Several Chapters of the Holy ... 1660 England religious
54 Branchu, Lydia Quelques Années de la vie de Marguerite, récit... 1879 France religious
55 Broedelet, Cornelia De Leer der ellende, verlossing en dankbaarheid ... 1786 Netherlands religious
56 Broedelet, Cornelia Vruchten van stille eenzaamheidt [...] 1776 Netherlands religious
57 Brohon, Jacqueline Aimée Instructions édifiantes de Mademoiselle B., mor... 1791 France religious
58 Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel-Bevern, Elisabeth Christine of Gellert, Christian Fürhtegott: Hymnes et odes s... 1789 Germany religious
59 Buddenbrock, Mathilde von *Margo's levensboek (Margo's life book) 1870 Germany religious
60 Burghout, Jacoba Helena Godgeleerde waarheden aaneengeschakeld als een k... 1767 Netherlands religious
61 Burghout, Jacoba Helena De Heidelbergsche catechismus, in vragen en antw... 1770 Netherlands religious
62 Burnet, Elizabeth Method of Devotion 1708 England religious
63 Buurt, Josina Carolina Verklaring van de 25e en 49e psalm door A. Buurt... 1778 Netherlands religious
64 Buurt, Josina Carolina Kort begrip der beschouwende godgeleerdheid van ... 1775 Netherlands religious
65 Buurt, Josina Carolina Ontledende tafelen der beschouwende Godgeleerdhe... 1776 Netherlands religious
66 Buurt, Josina Carolina Vervolg der daadelyke godgeleerdheid van Adriaan... 1786 Netherlands religious
67 Buys, Maria Eenvoudige bevindingen in de jaaren 1772 en 1773... 1774 Netherlands religious
68 Buys, Maria Enige nuttige aanmerkingen uit het woord van God... 1775 Netherlands religious
69 Calcar, Elise van Gebeden in poëzij en in proza, bij verschillend... 1851 Netherlands religious
70 Cambry, Jeanne de Le Traité de la ruine et de l'amour propre, et ... 1635 France religious
71 Cary, Mary The resurrection of the witnesses and Englands f... 1648 England religious
72 Castro, Públia Hortência de Psalmos pela victoria, e felicidade do Senhor D.... 1578 Portugal religious
73 Castro, Públia Hortência de Flosculus Theologiae (Manuscript) 1590 Portugal religious
74 Charles, Elizabeth Rundle The cottage by the cathedral and other parables 1872 England religious
75 Charles, Elizabeth Rundle Conquering and to Conquer 1875 England religious
76 Charles, Elizabeth Rundle The Martyrs of Spain and the Liberators of Holland 1870 England religious
77 Charles, Elizabeth Rundle The Victory of the Vanquished: A Story of the Fi... 1870 England religious
78 Châtelain, Marie Louise de Soirées religieuses, imité de l'Italien 1849 Netherlands religious
79 Chavent, Marie Louise *La dame chrétienne dans la famille et dans le ... 1890 France religious
80 Chavent, Marie Louise *La Vierge Marie dans la famille et dans le mond... 1892 France religious
81 Coles, Elisha A practical discourse of God 1673 England religious
82 Córdoba y Pacheco, María de Exercicio eucaristico ó Visitas al Smo. Sacrame... 1800 Spain religious
83 Costers, Jacomijne Visioen en Exempel (Vision and Example) 1490 Netherlands religious
84 Davies, Eleanor The Word of God to the City of London 1644 England religious
85 Davies, Eleanor Tobit's Book 1652 England religious
86 Despar, Henriëtte Wilhelmina Mathilde Het oude licht en het nieuwe licht in den Godsdi... 1826 Netherlands religious
87 Drużbacka, Elżbieta Zbiór rytmów duchowych, panegirycznych, moraln... 1752 Poland religious
88 Eijk, Weduwe van Twee samenspraken tusschen eenen waren begenadig... 1799 Netherlands religious
89 Elizabeth de la Trinité/Elizabeth of Trinity Souvenirs [Reminiscences] 1913 France religious
90 Emery, Marie Les Fêtes chrétiennes, récits offerts aux jeu... 1858 France religious
91 Encarnación, Sor Estefanía de la El tabernáculo místico 1650 Spain religious
92 Evans, Katherine This is a short relation of some of the cruel su... 1662 England religious
93 Farrenc, Césarie Le Petit homme gris, ouvrage philosophique, reli... 1842 France religious
94 Felding, Clare (Lady) Life of the Blessed Servant of God, the Heroic M... 1894 United States religious
95 Feuillet, Marie-Madeleine Concordance des prophéties avec l'Evangile sur ... 1689 France religious
96 Feuillet, Marie-Madeleine L'Ame chrétienne soumise à l'esprit de Dieu 1701 France religious
97 Feuillet, Marie-Madeleine Les quatre fins de l' homme 1694 France religious
98 Foligno, Saint Angela de *In libro [The Book] 1300 Italy religious
99 Fonseca, Soror Anna *Homilies 1750 Portugal religious
100 Fonseca, Soror Anna Penitente Arrependido 1755 Portugal religious
101 Freire e Souza, Constança Vitae Sanctae Rosae [Life of Saint Rose] 1619 Portugal religious
102 Fry, Elizabeth Texts for Every Day in the Year, Principally Pra... 1839 England religious
103 Gertrud Revelationes Gertrudianae et Mechtildianae 1300 Germany religious
104 Gockinga, Hylke Verhandeling over het eerste bybelboek genoemd G... 1788 Netherlands religious
105 Gockinga, Hylke Verhandeling over het eerste bybelboek genoemd G... 1788 Netherlands religious
106 Gockinga, Hylke Verhandeling over het eerste bybelboek genoemd G... 1788 Netherlands religious
107 Graham, Isabella The power of faith: Exemplified In The Life And ... 1800 England religious
108 Greiffenberg, Catharina Regina von Geistliche Sonette, Lieder und Gedichte 1662 Austria religious
109 Guyon, Jeanne Marie Bouvière de la Mothe La Sainte Bible de Madame de Guyon 1715 France religious
110 Guyon, Jeanne Marie Bouvière de la Mothe L'âme amante de son Dieu 1717 France religious
111 Guyon, Jeanne Marie Bouvière de la Mothe Moyen court et très facile pour l'oraison que t... 1685 France religious
112 Guyon, Jeanne Marie Bouvière de la Mothe Opuscules spirituels 1704 France religious
113 Guzmán y la Cerda, María Isidra Quintana de Oración del género eucarístico que hizo a la ... 1786 Spain religious
114 Guzmán y la Cerda, María Isidra Quintana de Oración eucarística. En Junta que celebró la ... 1786 Spain religious
115 Hackeborn, Mechthild von Mechthildis Liber specialis gratiae 1299 Germany religious
116 Hack, Maria *Bijbel en Christendom. Gesprekken van een moede... 1835 England religious
117 Hack, Maria Oriental Fragments 1828 England religious
118 Hahn-Hahn, Ida von Legende der Heiligen 1853 Germany religious
119 Hahn-Hahn, Ida von Vergib uns unsere Schuld 1874 Germany religious
120 Hahn-Hahn, Ida von Die Liebhaber des Kreuzes 1852 Germany religious
121 Hahn-Hahn, Ida von Von Babylon nach Jerusalem 1851 Germany religious
122 Hahn-Hahn, Ida von Unserer lieben Frau 1851 Germany religious
123 Hahn-Hahn, Ida von Das Jahr der Kirche 1854 Germany religious
124 Hahn-Hahn, Ida von Ein Büchlein vom guten Hirten. Eine Weihnachtsg... 1853 Germany religious
125 Hahn-Hahn, Ida von Aus Jerusalem 1851 Germany religious
126 Hahn-Hahn, Ida von Bilder aus der Geschichte der Kirche 1856 Germany religious
127 Hansen, Kirsten Dorothea Aagaard Ny Kristelig Kalender [New Christian Calendar] 1878 Norway religious
128 Hansteen, Aasta Kristi kirke i det nittende aarhundrede 1897 Norway religious
129 Hasebroek, Elisabeth Johanna Margaretha Blaarer en eenige andere bladen uit h... 1855 Netherlands religious
130 Havergal, Francis Ridley Kept for the Master's use 1879 England religious
131 Havergal, Francis Ridley Morning bells, or, Waking thoughts for the littl... 1880 England religious
132 Haverkotte-Nagel, Louise Victorine Miniaturen 1876 Netherlands religious
133 Heijse, Johanna Jacoba Het leven van Jezus : voor jonge lieden 1853 Netherlands religious
134 Hellman, Mathilda Virvoitusta matkalla: Lauluja 1910 Finland religious
135 Herbert, Mary Elizabeth How I came home 1894 England religious
136 Herbert, Mary Elizabeth Anglican Prejudices against the Catholic Church 1899 England religious
137 Hermanson, Berta Amelia Englannin pyhäkoulu 1914 Finland religious
138 Hermanson, Berta Amelia Maailman pyhäkoulu 1914 Finland religious
139 Hoogendorp, Maria De evangelische gezangen, getoetst aan den Bijbe... 1833 Netherlands religious
140 Hopton, Susanna Devotions in the Ancient Way of Offices 1700 England religious
141 Horst, Anna van der Proeven van Bybelsche taferelen, ter handleiding... 1774 Netherlands religious
142 Hubert, Marie Lettres sur la religion essentielle à l'homme, ... 1738 Switzerland religious
143 Hubert, Marie Le système des Théologiens anciens et modernes... 1731 Switzerland religious
144 Hulshoff, Maria Aletta Gevolgen der voldoening 1820 Netherlands religious
145 Huyge, Anna Maria Nagelatene Gedichten van Vrouwe Anna Rethaan en ... 1730 Netherlands religious
146 Ignatius, Kyllikki Teosofia ja H. P. Blavatsky / Muutamat suomalais... 1910 Finland religious
147 Ivalo, Jenny Diakonia seurakunnan velvollisuutena 1916 Finland religious
148 Ivalo, Jenny Elämän tie 1895 Finland religious
149 Ivalo, Jenny Pyhäkoulu eli lasten hartaushetki joka Suomen k... 1898 Finland religious
150 Jakob-Robinson, Therese Albertine Louise von Physische Geographie des Heiligen Landes. Aus de... 1865 Germany religious
151 Jal, Elise Histoire de Sainte Catherine de Sienne et de la ... 1863 France religious
152 Jefimija Mala ikona/Lament/Tuga za jedincetom [Small icon... 1368 Serbia religious
153 Jefimija Moljenje Gospodu Isusu Hristu [Prayers to The Lo... 1398 Serbia religious
154 Jefimija Pohvala knezu Lazaru [Appraisal of Prince Lazar] 1402 Serbia religious
155 Jersin, Maren Jensdatter Siælens Skat : hvor udi et Menniske blifver lif... 1653 Denmark religious
156 Kechagia, Kalliopi H en Xristo adelphotis [...] (Christ's Brotherho... 1898 Greece religious
157 Kilpi, Wilhelmiina (Miina) Ihminen on luotu taivasta varten: erään sokean... 1912 Finland religious
158 Koča, Sofija Moć majčine molitve: namenjeno majkama hristij... 1921 Serbia religious
159 Krohn, Aune Jeesus Kristus - tie, totuus, elämä : esitelm... 1910 Finland religious
160 La Vallière, Louise-Françoise Duchesse de Réflexions sur la miséricorde de Dieu , par un... 1680 France religious
161 Le Feuvre, Amy The Children's Morning Message 1905 England religious
162 Le Feuvre, Amy The Birthday: A Christmas Sketch 1909 England religious
163 Le Feuvre, Amy Joy Cometh in the Morning 1917 England religious
164 Lencastre e Cardenas, Maria Guadalupe de Exercicium devotum [exercise of devotion] and ot... 1700 Portugal religious
165 Leontias, Sappho Elegion is ton aidimon ierarchin [...] (Elegy to... 1865 Ottoman Empire religious
166 Leprince de Beaumont, Jeanne Marie Principes de l'Histoire Sainte 1761 France religious
167 Leprince de Beaumont, Jeanne Marie Le Château de Malpertus, ou Conversations sur l... 1829 France religious
168 Leydekker, Cornelia Ernstige ziel-betrachtingen, in heylige alleen-s... 1695 Netherlands religious
169 Madre de Deus, Soror Auta da Calenda da Festa de S. Auta (manuscript) 1580 Portugal religious
170 Madre de Deus, Soror Auta da Officium S. Auctae V. & M. (Ulissipone, apud Pet... 1621 Portugal religious
171 Manna Crippa, Erminia (Comtess de) Il Curato d'Ars: vita di Gian-Battista-Maria Via... 1891 Italy religious
172 Maria Madalena, Soeur Historia da vida prerogativas, e louvores do glo... 1628 Portugal religious
173 Marsh, Catherine English Hearts and English Hands; or, The Railwa... 1858 England religious
174 Martin, Anaïs Vie de Notre-Seigneur Jésus-Christ racontée au... 1848 France religious
175 Martin, Mary Ann Our Maoris 1884 England religious
176 Mendonça, Maria Santas de Portugal: esboço de agiografia nacion... 1918 Portugal religious
177 Menezes, Maria do Carmo Osório Cabral Pereira História da vida de Nosso Senhor Jesu-Christo (... 1865 Portugal religious
178 Merken, Lucretia Wilhelmina van Salomé, dochter van Zedekias.... 1770 Netherlands religious
179 Merlau, Eleonora von I.E. Petersens Glaubensgespräche mit Gott 1691 Germany religious
180 Mesquita Pimentel, Soeur Maria de Memorial da Infancia de Christo, E Triumpho do D... 1639 Portugal religious
181 Meulen, Catharina van der Het eensaam tortel-duyfken 1680 Belgium/Southern Netherlands religious
182 Misler de Francisco Martín, Francisca El corazón de Jesús consolado en la sagrada eu... 1870 Spain religious
183 Mniszkówna, Gertruda *Prayerbook 1078 Poland religious
184 Moens, Petronella Merkwaardige bijbelsche tafereelen [...] 1828 Netherlands religious
185 More, Hannah 'Tis all for the best 1812 England religious
186 Morton, Anne Douglas Countess of The Countess of Morton's daily exercise 1666 England religious
187 Navarre, Marguerite de Le miroir de l'ame pecheresse 1533 France religious
188 Noronha, Leonor de Tratado da História de Job. [Treaty of the hi... 1550 Portugal religious
189 Noronha, Leonor de Esta he a segunda parte da historia de nossa red... 1554 Portugal religious
190 Noronha, Leonor de Este livro he o começo da historea de nossa red... 1552 Portugal religious
191 Oliphant, Margaret Wilson A Little Pilgrim in the Unseen 1892 England religious
192 O'Neill, Maria Noções de Teosofia aos Principiantes 1934 Portugal religious
193 Orval, Anne-Eléonore de Béthune d' Réflexions sur les Evangiles 1720 France religious
194 Orval, Anne-Eléonore de Béthune d' Idée de la perfection Chrétienne et religieuse... 1719 France religious
195 Orval, Anne-Eléonore de Béthune d' Règlements de l' abbaye de Gif, avec des réfle... 1720 France religious
196 Pamans, Geesje Egt verhaal van geestelyke bevindingen, uit een ... 1775 Netherlands religious
197 Parr, Catherine Prayers or meditacions 1545 England religious
198 Parr, Catherine The lamentacion of a synner 1547 England religious
199 Pascal, Françoise La grande Bible renouvelée, ou noëls nouveaux,... 1690 France religious
200 Pedálová, Josefa Chlebowé poswátnj, aneb Swaté prosby a wzdych... 1826 Bohemia religious