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Author Title Year Country Genre
1 Aikin, Lucy Memoirs of the court of Queen Elizabeth 1818 England historical novel
2 Aikin, Lucy Memoirs of the court of King James the First 1822 England historical novel
3 Alberdingk Thijm, Catharina Keizerin 1909 Netherlands historical novel
4 Bader, Louise *Mujeres célebres españolas [Famous Spanish Wo... 1852 France historical novel
5 Bakhoven-Michels, Maria Gerarda In den Kerkstrijd 1906 Netherlands historical novel
6 Bayle-Mouillard, Élisabeth-Félicie Virginie, ou l'Enthousiasme de l'honneur 1822 France historical novel
7 Belgioioso, Cristina Trivulzio di &&& Rachel: histoire lombarde de 1848 1859 France historical novel
8 Boëseken, Suzanna Maria Alcmenon 1851 Netherlands historical novel
9 Bosquet, Amélie Madame de Longueville 1847 France historical novel
10 Bremer, Fredrika *Eenheid (Unit) 1860 Sweden historical novel
11 Bremer, Fredrika Trälinnan : en teckning ur forntiden (the slave... 1840 Sweden historical novel
12 Calcar, Elise van Eene star in den nacht. Schetsen uit het laatste... 1853 Netherlands historical novel
13 Catherine II, née princesse Sophie-Frédérique-Auguste d'Anhalt-Zerbst Antidote, ou Examen du mauvais livre superbement... 1770 Russia historical novel
14 Coronado, Carolina Jarilla, novela original 1850 Spain historical novel
15 Coronado, Carolina La Sigea: Novela original 1854 Spain historical novel
16 Cust, Nina Gentlemen Errant : being the journeys and advent... 1909 England historical novel
17 Cuthbertson, Catherine Romance of the Pyrenees 1803 England historical novel
18 Dash, Comtesse *Dcera císaře Josefa II., aneb, Kadeře králo... 1873 historical novel
19 Dash, Comtesse La Dernière fleur d'une couronne 1853 France historical novel
20 Dumbrava, Bucura Der Haiduk [The Outlaw] 1907 Germany historical novel
21 Figueiredo, Maurícia Cardoso O Exilado (The exiled) 1900 Portugal historical novel
22 Figueiredo, Maurícia Cardoso Leonor Telles 1914 Portugal historical novel
23 Foucaux-Filon, Marie Les belles amies de M. de Talleyrand : étude de... 1875 France historical novel
24 Foucaux-Filon, Marie Quelques salons de Paris au XVIIIe siècle 1875 France historical novel
25 Foucaux-Filon, Marie Sous le Directoire 1889 France historical novel
26 Gallé, Francisca Jacoba Wanda, het zangerskind, een verhaal uit de midde... 1874 Netherlands historical novel
27 Gautier, Madame H. Les amours de Camoëns et de Catherine d'Ataïde... 1827 France historical novel
28 Genlis, Stéphanie Félicité de Madame de Maintenon, pour servir de suite à l'h... 1806 France historical novel
29 Genlis, Stéphanie Félicité de Jeanne de France, nouvelle historique 1816 France historical novel
30 Genlis, Stéphanie Félicité de Pétrarque et Laure 1819 France historical novel
31 Glümer, Charlotte von Die Waldenzer in Böhmem 1835 Germany historical novel
32 Goeje, Reynoudina de De dochter van den kozak : een historisch verhaa... 1861 Netherlands historical novel
33 Gordon, Janet Jacqueline; a story of the Reformation in Holland. 1872 England historical novel
34 Gottis, Augustine Le Tasse et la princesse Éléonore d'Est 1842 France historical novel
35 Gottis, Augustine François Ier et Mme de Chateaubriand 1816 France historical novel
36 Green, Stopford, Alice Town Life in the Fifteenth Century 1894 Ireland historical novel
37 Guibert, Louise-Alexandrine, Comtesse de Fedaretta 1803 France historical novel
38 Herbig, Froukje De gelofte, of de zegepraal der deugd : een oors... 1836 Netherlands historical novel
39 Hodos, Constanta Martirii [The Martyrs] 1908 Romania historical novel
40 Jackson, Catherine Hannah Charlotte Elliott The court of France in the sixteenth century. 1... 1886 United States historical novel
41 Junius-IJzerman, Francisca Vrijheidszin en dwingelandij. De strijd der vade... 1872 Netherlands historical novel
42 Kallas, Aino Ants Raudjalg : virolainen kertomus (*Ants Raudj... 1907 Finland historical novel
43 Klitsche de la Grange, Antonietta Cäsar Agrippa. Romantische Skizze aus der Zeit ... 1865 Austria historical novel
44 Klitsche de la Grange, Antonietta *La Vestale, récit historique du premier siècl... 1865 unknown / not relevant historical novel
45 Kloosterman, Simke It Jubeljier 1927 Netherlands historical novel
46 Koča, Sofija Iz vladavine Obrenovića i Ivandanjski atentat (... 1910 Serbia historical novel
47 La Roche Guilhem, Anne de Histoire des guerres civiles de Grenade 1683 France historical novel
48 La Roche Guilhem, Anne de *Le Duc de Guise 1693 France historical novel
49 La Rochère, Eugénie Dutheil de, Comtesse Tébaldo ou Le triomphe de la charité [Theobald... 1862 France historical novel
50 La Rochère, Eugénie Dutheil de, Comtesse Les châtelaines de Roussillon ou Le Quercy au s... 1877 France historical novel
51 Lawton, Elodie The History of Modern Serbia 1872 England historical novel
52 Lenormand, Marie Anne Adélaïde Mémoires historiques et secrets de l'impératri... 1820 France historical novel
53 Loo, Henriette van De gestolen hostiën. Brusselsche legende uit de... 1884 Netherlands historical novel
54 Łuszczewska, Jadwiga Panienka z okienka (The girl leaning on the wind... 1898 Poland historical novel
55 Maclaine Pont, Margaretha Wijnanda De eer gewroken 1895 Netherlands historical novel
56 Maclaine Pont, Margaretha Wijnanda De poorterszoon van Hoorn 1895 Netherlands historical novel
57 Moens, Petronella Tafereelen uit de Nederlandsche Geschiedenis 1827 Netherlands historical novel
58 Mongellaz, Fanny Pierre, comte de Savoie (unfinished historical n... 1829 France historical novel
59 Mongellaz, Fanny Louis XVIII et Napoléon dans les Champs Élysées 1825 France historical novel
60 Montolieu, Isabelle de Les châteaux suisses; anciennes anecdotes et ch... 1817 Switzerland historical novel
61 Moraczewska, Bibianna Dwóch rodzonych braci 1859 Poland historical novel
62 Movila, Maria Les Sept montagnes (histoire moldave) 1863 France historical novel
63 Mundt, Klara &&& *Frankrijk tegen Duitsland 1868 Germany historical novel
64 Mundt, Klara &&& Mohammed Ali, der morgenländische Bonaparte : h... 1890 Bohemia historical novel
65 Mundt, Klara &&& Mohammed Ali's Nachfolger 1872 Germany historical novel
66 Mundt, Klara &&& *Hrabě Beňovský : Historický román. 1870 Germany historical novel
67 Mundt, Klara &&& Prinzessin Orsini. 1859 Germany historical novel
68 Mundt, Klara &&& *Oběti náboženského fanatismu : historický ... 1871 Germany historical novel
69 Nădejde, Sofia Tragedia Obrenovicilor [The Tragedy of the Obren... 1903 Romania historical novel
70 Naubert, Christiane Benedikte Eugenie Walter von Montbarry, Grossmeister des Tempelord... 1786 Germany historical novel
71 Nesbitt y Calleja, María Micaela Zulíma : novela histórica [Zulima: a historica... 1817 Spain historical novel
72 Neufville, Margaretha Jacoba de De schildknaap (iets uit den ouden tijd.) Een oo... 1827 Netherlands historical novel
73 Neufville, Margaretha Jacoba de Elisabeth Basmooth of eene Engelsche plant op Ho... 1836 Netherlands historical novel
74 Opzoomer, Adèle Sophia Cornelia In dagen van strijd 1877 Netherlands historical novel
75 Opzoomer, Adèle Sophia Cornelia Vorstengunst 1883 Netherlands historical novel
76 Orczy, Baroness Emmuska A Sheaf of Bluebells 1917 England historical novel
77 Orczy, Baroness Emmuska A Son of the People 1906 England historical novel
78 Orczy, Baroness Emmuska A True Woman 1911 England historical novel
79 Orzeszkowa, Eliza Mirtala 1886 Poland historical novel
80 Pardo Bazán, Emilia Misterio 1902 Spain historical novel
81 Perk, Betsy Kapitein Flahol : geschiedkundige roman onder he... 1890 Netherlands historical novel
82 Pichler, Karoline Agathokles 1808 Austria historical novel
83 Pichler, Karoline Die Grafen von Hohenberg 1811 Austria historical novel
84 Pichler, Louise Der letzte Hohenstaufe 1855 Germany historical novel
85 Pichler, Louise Friedrich von Hohenstaufen der Einäugige 1853 Germany historical novel
86 Podlipská, Sofie Anežka Přemyslovna : historický román (Anezh... 1879 Bohemia historical novel
87 Porter, Jane The Scottish Chiefs 1810 England historical novel
88 Radcliffe, Ann The mysteries of Udolpho 1794 England historical novel
89 Radcliffe, Ann A Sicilian romance 1790 England historical novel
90 Radcliffe, Ann *De Albigenzen of De kluizenaar in het bosch van... 1817 England historical novel
91 Radcliffe, Ann The Italian, or the Confessional of the Black Pe... 1797 England historical novel
92 Rees, Catharina Felicia van Holland's ontrouw : hist.-romantisch verhaal 1890 Netherlands historical novel
93 Ritterová z Rittersbergu, Jindřiška - Rittershain, Bertha Ritter de Raci, čili, Zachování od smrti ohněm : poví... 1870 Bohemia historical novel
94 Runeberg, Fredrika Fru Catharina Boije och hennes döttrar. En ber... 1858 Finland historical novel
95 Sáez de Melgar, Faustina Matilde o El ángel de Valde-Real [Matilde or Th... 1863 Spain historical novel
96 Schaaf, Nine van der Heerk Walling. 1936 Netherlands historical novel
97 Schaaf, Nine van der Leven van Karel de Stoute. 1938 Netherlands historical novel
98 Schlegel, Dorothea Margareth von Valois, Lother und Mallet 1805 Germany historical novel
99 Schoppe, Amalia Emma Sophie Katharina Marat 1835 Germany historical novel
100 Schoppe, Amalia Emma Sophie Katharina Die Schlacht bei Hemmingstädt Germany historical novel
101 Schoppe, Amalia Emma Sophie Katharina Die erste Liebe eines Prinzen: 1841 Germany historical novel
102 Schoppe, Amalia Emma Sophie Katharina Tycho de Brahe 1839 Germany historical novel
103 Schoppe, Amalia Emma Sophie Katharina Anna Laputhin 1836 Germany historical novel
104 Schoppe, Amalia Emma Sophie Katharina König Erich XIV und die Seinen 1830 Germany historical novel
105 Schwartz, Marie Sophie *Koningin en Beschermengel. Episode uit het leve... 1860 Sweden historical novel
106 Sinués de Marco, María del Pilar Dos venganzas 1862 Spain historical novel
107 Sloot, Nicolina Maria Van slaaf tot vorst 1887 Netherlands historical novel
108 Smith, Charlotte Ethelinde, or the Recluse of the Lake 1789 England historical novel
109 Stephens, Ann Sophia Winterbotham, Mrs. Edward Fashion and famine. 1854 United States historical novel
110 Stratenus, Louise Antoinette Lindendaal 1890 Netherlands historical novel
111 Stratenus, Louise Antoinette Josepine de Beauharnais 1891 Netherlands historical novel
112 Stratenus, Louise Antoinette Een vorstelijke balling 1896 Netherlands historical novel
113 Strickland, Agnes Lives of the Queens of Scotland and English Prin... 1851 England historical novel
114 Strickland, Agnes Lives of the Queens of England 1840 England historical novel
115 Tornaar, Lucretia De smidsdochter uit Naarden 1843 Netherlands historical novel
116 Toussaint, Anna Louisa Geertruida De vrouwen van het Leycestersche tijdvak 1850 Netherlands historical novel
117 Toussaint, Anna Louisa Geertruida Eene kroon voor Karel den Stouten 1842 Netherlands historical novel
118 Toussaint, Anna Louisa Geertruida De graaf van Devonshire. Romantische episode uit... 1838 Netherlands historical novel
119 Toussaint, Anna Louisa Geertruida Een Leydsch student in 1593 1859 Netherlands historical novel
120 Toussaint, Anna Louisa Geertruida Engelschen te Rome 1839 Netherlands historical novel
121 Toussaint, Anna Louisa Geertruida De Delftsche wonderdokter 1870 Netherlands historical novel
122 Toussaint, Anna Louisa Geertruida Het kasteel Westhoven in Zeeland 1882 Netherlands historical novel
123 Toussaint, Anna Louisa Geertruida De Graaf van Leycester in Nederland 1845 Netherlands historical novel
124 Toussaint, Anna Louisa Geertruida De verrassing van Hoey in 1595 1866 Netherlands historical novel
125 Toussaint, Anna Louisa Geertruida Jan Woutersz. van Cuyck 1853 Netherlands historical novel
126 Tovar y Salcedo, Antonia Reinaldo y Elina, ó, La sacerdotisa peruana: no... 1820 Spain historical novel
127 Tyzenhaus de Choiseul-Gouffier, Sophie de Le Nain politique, roman historique 1826 France historical novel
128 Tyzenhaus de Choiseul-Gouffier, Sophie de Vladislas Jagellon et Hedwige, ou la Réunion de... 1824 France historical novel
129 Tyzenhaus de Choiseul-Gouffier, Sophie de Halina Oginska, ou les Suédois en Pologne, par ... 1839 France historical novel
130 Tyzenhaus de Choiseul-Gouffier, Sophie de Barbe Radwill: roman historique 1820 France historical novel
131 Vasconcelos, Matilde de Santa Ana, Viscondessa das Nogueiras O Soldado de Aljubarrota (The Aljubarrota soldier) 1857 Portugal historical novel
132 Wallenheim, Ludovike Anna von Bretagne. Historische Novelle 1844 Germany historical novel
133 Wilford, Florence The King of a Day; or, glimpses of French life i... 1868 England historical novel
134 Woisky, Bertha von *De oude kameraad (The old mate) 1855 Germany historical novel
135 Xenopol, Adela Uragan [The Hurricane] 1922 Romania historical novel