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Found 148 records
Author Title Year Country Genre
1 Sand, George Cora 1833 France to be specified
2 Sand, George Nouvelles Lettres d'un voyageur 1877 France travel writing
3 Sand, George Questions d'art et de littérature 1878 France essay
4 Sand, George *Théatre complet France drama
5 Sand, George Métella 1833 France short story/ies
6 Sand, George L'Uscoque 1838 France novel
7 Sand, George Aldo le Rimeur 1833 France novel
8 Sand, George Journal d'un voyageur pendant la guerre 1871 France autobiography
9 Sand, George La Marquise 1832 France short story/ies
10 Sand, George Le Secrétaire Intime 1834 France novel
11 Sand, George Jacques 1834 France novel
12 Sand, George André 1835 France novel
13 Sand, George Mattea 1835 France short story/ies
14 Sand, George Simon 1836 France novel
15 Sand, George Lettres d'un Voyageur 1837 France autobiography
16 Sand, George Moeurs et coutumes du Berry 1851 France essay
17 Sand, George Le Piccinino 1847 France novel
18 Sand, George Lettres au Peuple 1848 France essay
19 Sand, George La petite Fadette 1848 France novel
20 Sand, George François le Champi (théâtre) 1849 France drama
21 Sand, George Histoire du véritable Gribouille 1850 France short story/ies
22 Sand, George Le Château des Désertes 1851 France novel
23 Sand, George Molière 1851 France drama
24 Sand, George Les Visions de la nuit dans les campagnes 1851 France short story/ies
25 Sand, George Le Mariage de Victorine 1851 France drama
26 Sand, George Marielle 1851 France drama
27 Sand, George Scènes de la vie privée et publique des animaux 1852 France to be specified
28 Sand, George Mont-Revêche 1852 France novel
29 Sand, George La Filleule 1853 France novel
30 Sand, George Le Pressoir 1853 France drama
31 Sand, George Mauprat (théâtre) 1853 France drama
32 Sand, George Les Maîtres Sonneurs 1853 France novel
33 Sand, George Adriani 1854 France novel
34 Sand, George Flaminio 1854 France drama
35 Sand, George Maître Favilla 1855 France drama
36 Sand, George Le Diable aux Champs 1855 France novel
37 Sand, George Lucie 1856 France drama
38 Sand, George Françoise 1856 France drama
39 Sand, George La Daniella 1857 France novel
40 Sand, George Les Dames vertes 1857 France novel
41 Sand, George Les Beaux Messieurs de Bois-Doré 1857 France novel
42 Sand, George Légendes rustiques 1857 France short story/ies
43 Sand, George L'Homme de Neige 1858 France novel
44 Sand, George Elle et Lui 1859 France novel
45 Sand, George Garibaldi 1859 France essay
46 Sand, George Promenades autour d' un village 1859 France autobiography
47 Sand, George Jean de la Roche 1859 France novel
48 Sand, George La Fée qui court (fable) 1859 France conte(s)
49 Sand, George Constance Verrier 1859 France novel
50 Sand, George La Ville noire 1860 France novel
51 Sand, George Le Marquis de Villemer 1860 France novel
52 Sand, George Valvèdre 1861 France novel
53 Sand, George La Famille de Germandre 1861 France novel
54 Sand, George Tamaris 1862 France novel
55 Sand, George Impressions et Souvenirs 1871 France contribution to periodical press
56 Sand, George Antonia 1863 France novel
57 Sand, George La dernière Aldini 1837 France novel
58 Sand, George Gabriel 1839 France novel
59 Sand, George Laura 1864 France novel
60 Sand, George Le Marquis de Villemer (théâtre) 1864 France drama
61 Sand, George La Confession d'une jeune fille 1864 France novel
62 Sand, George Monsieur Sylvestre 1865 France novel
63 Sand, George Le dernier Amour 1866 France novel
64 Sand, George Cadio 1867 France novel
65 Sand, George Mademoiselle Merquem 1868 France novel
66 Sand, George Pierre qui roule 1869 France novel
67 Sand, George L'Autre 1870 France drama
68 Sand, George Malgrétout 1870 France novel
69 Sand, George Le beau Laurence 1870 France novel
70 Sand, George Césarine Dietrich 1870 France novel
71 Sand, George Francia 1871 France novel
72 Sand, George Nanon 1872 France novel
73 Sand, George La Reine Coax 1872 France conte(s)
74 Sand, George Le Nuage rose 1872 France conte(s)
75 Sand, George Les Ailes de Courage 1872 France conte(s)
76 Sand, George Le Château de Pictordu 1873 France conte(s)
77 Sand, George Ma soeur Jeanne 1874 France novel
78 Sand, George Flamarande 1875 France novel
79 Sand, George Les deux frères 1875 France novel
80 Sand, George Marianne Chevreuse 1875 France novel
81 Sand, George La Tour de Percemont 1875 France conte(s)
82 Sand, George Les Maîtres mosaïstes 1837 France novel
83 Sand, George Histoire de ma vie 1854 France autobiography
84 Sand, George Un Hiver à Majorque 1841 France autobiography
85 Sand, George Mouny Robin 1841 France short story/ies
86 Sand, George Horace 1841 France novel
87 Sand, George Kourroglou 1843 France short story/ies
88 Sand, George Jeanne 1844 France novel
89 Sand, George Le Meunier d'Angibault 1845 France novel
90 Sand, George La Comtesse de Rudolstadt 1844 France novel
91 Sand, George Isidora 1845 France novel
92 Sand, George Teverino 1845 France novel
93 Sand, George Le Péché de Monsieur Antoine 1845 France novel
94 Sand, George La Mare au Diable 1846 France novel
95 Sand, George Lucrezia Floriani 1846 France novel
96 Sand, George Consuelo 1842 France novel
97 Sand, George Rose et Blanche 1831 France novel
98 Sand, George Melchior 1832 France short story/ies
99 Sand, George Valentine 1832 France novel
100 Sand, George Claudie 1851 France drama
101 Sand, George Lélia 1833 France novel
102 Sand, George Leone Leoni 1835 France novel
103 Sand, George Flavie 1859 France short story/ies
104 Sand, George Narcisse 1858 France novel
105 Sand, George Callirhoe 1863 France novel
106 Sand, George La coupe 1865 France conte(s)
107 Sand, George Contes fantastiques France conte(s)
108 Sand, George *George Sand, the author France irrelevant
109 Sand, George Les Mississipiens 1840 France to be specified
110 Sand, George Comme il vous plaira 1856 France drama
111 Sand, George Le Pavé 1862 France drama
112 Sand, George Fanchette 1843 France to be specified
113 Sand, George Evenor et Leucippe 1856 France to be specified
114 Sand, George Un Bienfait n'est jamais perdu 1872 France to be specified
115 Sand, George Le roi attend 1848 France drama
116 Sand, George Le démon de foyer 1852 France drama
117 Sand, George L'Orco France
118 Sand, George Spiridion 1838 France novel
119 Sand, George Les Beaux Messieurs de Bois-Doré (theatre) 1862 France drama
120 Sand, George Dernieres pages France to be specified
121 Sand, George *Compte rendu de Madame Bovary 1857 France contribution to periodical press
122 Sand, George Lavinia 1833 France short story/ies
123 Sand, George Le Dieu inconnu 1836 France to be specified
124 Sand, George Le Compagnon du Tour de France 1841 France novel
125 Sand, George François le Champi 1847 France novel
126 Sand, George Mademoiselle La Quintinie 1863 France novel
127 Sand, George Souvenirs de 1848 1880 France autobiography
128 Sand, George Nouvelles 1835 France short story/ies
129 Sand, George *Ďablova bařina : Obraz ze života venskovkéh...
130 Sand, George *Vesničané : obraz venkovského života se zp...
131 Sand, George *Bludička : vesnická povídka / napsala Jiřin... novel
132 Sand, George Mauprat 1837 France novel
133 Sand, George Pauline 1839 France novel
134 Sand, George La baronnie de Muhldorf 1853 Belgium/Southern Netherlands drama
135 Sand, George Un hiver au midi de l'Europe 1841 France
136 Sand, George Fenimore Cooper 1856 France contribution to periodical press
137 Sand, George Correspondance de George Sand et d'Alfred de Mus... 1904 France letter(s)
138 Sand, George Jean Ziska 1843 France short story/ies
139 Sand, George Procope le Grand 1844 France contribution to periodical press
short story/ies
140 Sand, George Contes d'une grand-mere 1873 France short story/ies
141 Sand, George Le géant Yeous 1873 France conte(s)
142 Sand, George Le marteau rouge 1875 France conte(s)
143 Sand, George Ce que dit le ruisseau 1863 France travel writing
144 Sand, George A propos des Charmettes 1863 France travel writing
145 Sand, George Le chêne parlant 1875 France conte(s)
146 Sand, George Metella 1833 France novella
147 Sand, George Indiana 1832 France novel
148 Sand, George Les Sept Cordes de la lyre 1839 France